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Great game, fun mechanics, lovely graphics and fun narrative!

I really liked that I could sometimes beat a puzzle with unused pieces. That made me feel really "smart" at times haha. I also love how everything interacts with each other, gives it that emergent kind of feel. Also, the hints are awesome, a great addition to any puzzle game I reckon!

The cutscenes at the beginning of a new 'world' become quite lengthy when you have to sit through them when you keep dying in those levels. I sometimes got stuck because of the fan's air current width, it seems a bit bigger than the graphic shows, but restarting is quite quick luckily :)

I'd love to see you build upon this with more levels and possibly different ways of winning stages! I'd be hooked

Thanks for the feedback. I get what you mean about the start of each world. I was hoping to have it only happen once but didn't get it implemented in time.

Getting stuck with the fans was another issue that showed up at the end (late stage level redesigns) and could definitely be tweaked.

Glad you liked it.