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I am willing to do small projects unpaid, but depending on the scale, I will require payment. If the project is interesting, I can do 30-60 seconds of looping music free, but I will retain the commercial right to that music. (If it's a game that is completely free, you can use the track for free. But you won't be able to, say, put that music on an album and sell the album separate from the game. That would require a commercial license.) For commercial use on a single project, I typically find $25 per song fair. If you want exclusive commercial rights to the music, I'll expect $50.

My discord: shadesmar#5212

Hello! I'm looking to join a project with my compositions. The majority of my work is synths, 8-bit and retro-style music. However I can also write music in classical/baroque styles.

Let me know if you'd like my help for a project!

Thanks so much for playing!

I loved finding out the layout of the house... I got chills when I left the secret room, emerged into the master bedroom, tried to go back, and there was nothing but a closet... Spooks!!!

plus that music is Crispy kudos Pianofortress I thought I was listening to one of Chopin's preludes there

ya got me

So cute! Great game!

Great game! LOVE the Game & Watch aesthetic. Excellent work!

This is super helpful! There's a lot of player commands used here that ought to work, but that I hadn't thought of including/checking for, so I will definitely be including those in the future. (Also, I've since replaced the 'I believe in you buddy' message with a recap of all commands.)

>I gotta fix the log readout, so it recognizes "log" to mean the same thing as "logs". And the staircase bit. Also I'll fix the match readout so it doesn't say "hands" when the player is a cat.

>You are absolutely correct. If you can't meow and do cat things as a cat, the game needs to be fixed.

>"My escape? ... Well I'm not keeping up with the lore I guess" Big Mood

Thanks so much for playing and testing it out! (hint: you can go up and down by saying UP or DOWN, if those directions are available!)

Wow. There's some really good, dark storytelling here, as well as some very meaningful social commentary. I love stories with a hefty dose of each.

Excellent job!

Nice job! The animation is smooth, I love the character design, and the jumping works great (which is hard to get right but sooo important for platformers, so great work!)

I can't wait to see more levels!

Aww, so cute! Love both the concept and execution. Gameplay is smooth and polished. Well done!


Seriously, I couldn't stop grinning when I encountered the hermit crab. I wanted to see every little thing. I love the descriptions. This game has filled me with a childlike sense of wonder and THE NEED! TO! EXPLORE!


Super cute and charming introduction, and super cute and charming throughout! A thoroughly enjoyable game with beautiful music.


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Thanks so much for your feedback! That's a really important bug you noticed, thanks for telling me about it!

Edit: the bug was because I uploaded an old zip instead of a current one with the fix. It should be up now!

Editedit: So it turns out the mirror was still refusing to release people, because I'd specified that the mirror release people when unbroken but forgot to add that in for when it is broken as well. But if you've already got the old version loaded up in your browser and don't want to play through the whole thing again, just know the whole mirror interaction isn't necessary to beat the game. You can ignore it and continue if you haven't been consumed in its nightmarish Carrollian maw yet.

I was having some trouble getting it to work in my browser at first: I had to enter and exit fullscreen mode a few times for my keypresses to register. But once I got going, it was really fun! I love the blue-and-yellow color scheme, it's a good pick. I also love the little frog, and the bouncing feels right. He does tend to get stuck on invisible walls, but I still love him. I feel like getting stuck on visible walls is actually a cool thing: here's a wall-jumping ninja frog! It saved me from falling into the pits a few times.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: "Wish" is a game about puzzles, magic, and turning into a bed. Or a mirror. Or a cat. Anything, really. (Well, nothing structurally integral to the house at least.)

I'd like feedback on:  I'd appreciate feedback on the puzzles: are they too difficult? Too easy? Are the commands tedious? Is the solution to a puzzle unclear? What exactly do I do with this live, beating, centuries-old heart?

I need help on: If a suspected bug is encountered, and you'd like to report it, please give information about what room it occurred in and what commands were given in sequence leading up to the bug.

So nice and chill! What a wonderful, positive game!

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You want to know whether or not you've made a good multiplayer game?

If you can play it with your sibling and reach mario-kart levels of button-mashing, swearing, and joyous victory cries, you have done just that. And not only has Drizzle Dash done that, it has done that BRILLIANTLY.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sibling to gloat over.

(being honest, I'm not sure we played it correctly. But sitting over the same keyboard trying to knock the other player away from the spacebar is both incredibly violent and  fun.)

GORGEOUS! This is one of the most sophisticated and elegant twine games I've ever seen. The descriptions and characters just pull you right into this dark, beautiful world. I love everything about this!

Very nice job! Great music, wonderful sound design. I love the feel of the controls and the "weightiness" of the ship. Love it!

Nice job! I especially love the music and sound design. Very satisfying to hit enemies and hear all the little "pew" noises!

Wow! I love the mysterious and chilling atmosphere. Really cool take on the water theme!