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[Music] 8-bit and Retro Composer LFP

A topic by Turaida created Jul 29, 2019 Views: 240 Replies: 5
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Hello! I'm looking to join a project with my compositions. The majority of my work is synths, 8-bit and retro-style music. However I can also write music in classical/baroque styles.

Let me know if you'd like my help for a project!

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Are you Paid or Unpaid?

If Unpaid, please give your discord.

I am willing to do small projects unpaid, but depending on the scale, I will require payment. If the project is interesting, I can do 30-60 seconds of looping music free, but I will retain the commercial right to that music. (If it's a game that is completely free, you can use the track for free. But you won't be able to, say, put that music on an album and sell the album separate from the game. That would require a commercial license.) For commercial use on a single project, I typically find $25 per song fair. If you want exclusive commercial rights to the music, I'll expect $50.

My discord: shadesmar#5212

you there?

He's probs inactive.

Hey do you wanna join a project that's basically musical Chinese whispers?

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