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This is super helpful! There's a lot of player commands used here that ought to work, but that I hadn't thought of including/checking for, so I will definitely be including those in the future. (Also, I've since replaced the 'I believe in you buddy' message with a recap of all commands.)

>I gotta fix the log readout, so it recognizes "log" to mean the same thing as "logs". And the staircase bit. Also I'll fix the match readout so it doesn't say "hands" when the player is a cat.

>You are absolutely correct. If you can't meow and do cat things as a cat, the game needs to be fixed.

>"My escape? ... Well I'm not keeping up with the lore I guess" Big Mood

Thanks so much for playing and testing it out! (hint: you can go up and down by saying UP or DOWN, if those directions are available!)