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Blob Of Flesh

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I don't have a creature to share this time, Just making sure the topic's not dead.

Sipho community · Replied to Dominas in Bugs


Update: Almost happened to me just now when i got past Rakdun as a Nightmare. But instead of clicking Continue i clicked Quit and then returned to the level.

This happens to me too sometimes. And not just on the first boss level

The specimen has finally been defeated by an Advena...

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A rather intelligent specimen has turned up..

Oh HELL no!

This Saenus Beefuorus specimen has made quite an advancement to his strategies.

As well as the obvious spike-propulsion grappling method, look closely at the picture above...

See the spike balls?

Yep, this specimen found out how to utilize spike balls as ammunition.

It appears to be in the shape of those antibody things, or it could just be shaped into a "Y is for for You Suck" to show the other specimens who's the boss...

This thing deserves a name. All of the creatures in this thread do.

Spike Shooter.

The picture below will update with this thing's current stage of evolution.


It has "eyes" everywhere on it's body (Chitin zooids) that it uses to sense nearby matter.

Once it senses matter, it will rapidly extend a tentacle to grapple it, surrounding it completely.

Then, 1 of 2 things will happen :

If it grapples a rock, it will go on with life.

If it was about to grapple a creature:

Do you see anything different?

That's right, the specimen appears to have ungrown one of it's anchors and reshaped it into a mouth-like design.

It is constantly growing, seeking to dominate my water tank.

So, in turn, it is constantly craving blood and flesh.

This is going to deserve a much more terrifying name then Spike Shooter at this point...

*types in "The Mass"*
*Computer: "The Mass" is already taken.*

well then...


Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Cage Boss, you okay there?

One example is that the thing wrapped around the rock would be one player, and the red-outlined creature would be another player.

I think it would be cool!

You can heal yourself with your own mines...

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This little guy dreams of becoming a gigantic sessile blob of flesh wrapped around rocks.

Will his dream come true?
Only time will tell...

Edit: He has found a cluster of stones.

Edit x2: He decides that this is the best stone to root on.

Edit x3: He has figured out how to save up nutrition for defense modules while still wrapping himself around the stone.

Edit x4: This is his current method of attack.

He will constantly reposition them to keep hitting his target.

Edit x5: He senses a nearby rock to cling onto and expand his colony.

The mine came from where he is at.

Edit x6:

Due to enemy attack, he has deemed his previous rooting site unusable and picked this one instead. Good pick, because there is a rock right next to him!

Edit x7:
Game over...

It was a nice run though.