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Then I cannot help you, for I simply don't know. 😔

You also have an "edit theme" button on your profile page!

On your game's page you can click on the "edit page" button at the very top. A panel will appear on the left and you can change a bunch of things there, like the font! For this page I'm using Itch's default 'Pixel' font. :)

Yep, I just added it!


Hi again! It's been a few months but I just updated NFTc and I made it so it would save the scale you're using for the next time it opens!

Hi again! It's been a while but I just added a way to turn the effects off in the UFO's menu in the new update. The setting will be saved for the next time you launch the program too. :)

hey, sorry about this. could you send us the log.txt and save.bnk files in the game folder to

if you don't mind losing your highscores and your current save, I have a feeling removing the save.bnk file from the folder will help the game function again.

this is the best collection of desktop pets and other companions that I know of:

Next time I update NFTc I can make it so that it remembers what scale you were using the last time you used it. :)

it will only work on the one screen, but you can choose which! when you launch the program, a small "SUGAR" window will appear with the engine's boot-up animation, you'll just have to    drag this small window to the monitor where you want the UFO to reside, before the animation ends.

Hi, I'm super late but going to answer anyway. There isn't any way to turn the effects off currently but I may add one in the next update when we reach 350$. :)

Hey, thank you! In b1g_br0th3r you have to touch the green words and keep on avoiding the death rays. I think a lot of people see this one as the most difficult game of the 5, my advice is to focus on the rhythm of the death rays to avoid them more easily. :)

ahah, this was made with my own engine, SUGAR! no bloat there, for sure! ^^

it's not available yet but   you can learn more about SUGAR  here: :)

You have to download the "Explorers_[...]" zip file corresponding to your OS, unzip it, and run the executable there, "explorers.exe" on Windows.

Done! But I'm curious now, why do you want it? I removed it because it had issues with some browsers, and the executables are just better for performance and input-latency and general immersion anyway.
Anyway, I added the old zip file back, you'll find it with the other downloads.

I'm sorry this happened, videogame doors are notoriously hard to make happen, (google videogame doors and scroll a bit) I did my best but the result has some extreme edge cases, which is what you've encountered. At this point, four years after making the game, all I can do is apologize and try to do a better job of doors (or avoid them altogether) in my future games.

Thank you for understanding.

Yes, it works with all web browsers on Windows! :)

dear qis, I'm glad you appreciate the joke! yes I do intend on making more desktop pets in the future with different ideas I have! I agree that their design has to be sensitive so that they don't end up being too obfuscating or too distracting, and I think that makes it interesting. The idea of having a fiddle on the screen is really interesting, I like it!

Simple desktop sprites sure can be good fun on their own! Sadly many of the desktop pets from their golden era are not compatible with modern OS, or are simply lost to the internets. But still we can hope for the rebirth of desktop pets as a popular thing. :)

I'm sorry, what is the issue? You should be able to download it from the game page, is that not working for you?

The timer stops and registers your time as a new score, and that's it. New discs appear and the timer restarts for more Disctop fun :)

Thanks! Sadly no there isn't, or at least not yet. I don't currently have a quick way to change it to something more practical. But maybe in the future as I get more progress done on the engine.

Hi, you get the password for every next game by scoring a B rank on each game. So if you achieve the B rank on Descent, you'll see the password to unlock the game2 zip file. Alternatively, the passwords can be found inside the "cheatcodes" text file. I hope that helps!

Thanks! It's because you're beating your highscore on that difficulty! No there are no other blade colors after gold 😅

Hi qis, thank you so much for the very kind message!
I hope your birthday was nice and I hope the game lives up to your expectations. ❤

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Explore an archipelago, encounter fellow explorers, and seduce and haggle with them to help you complete your map in this relaxing Pico-8 game!

The game can be played for free, but you can get the Deluxe version for 5$, to get wallpapers and an exclusive desktop pet to accompany you in your daily computer tasks!

Please check it out!

Thank you!!
Rémy 🍬

Always nice to see a Pico-8 game! :D

This was good! I really liked the feeling of progression. For my first go I was pretty confused about whether or not I should be picking up or avoiding ores, as they were making me longer, and so when I got to the first upgrade shop menu, I didn't have enough resources for any upgrades. 😢 Lesson learned for my second go, was fun! :)

Well I just tried it again and I think I must have had a slower framerate for whatever reason at the time, because the controls seem tight enough now. I guess the deceleration is maybe a tad much but it's really ok. Sorry for the false alarm. :X

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it! I made it with a game engine I've been making myself, called Sugar. The engine itself is written in C++, so I just had to use the windows headers to make the game's window behave how I wanted. Sugar is still in development and not available anywhere yet, but this is the first program I released that was made with it. :)

I love this!! The super cute art and music and the BEAUTIFUL sfx make the gory side of the game hilarious, the concept is simple, works really well, and is a super clever take on the idea of Disc Room.

And the fact that you've made this in a very short amount of time is very impressive too! Du très bon boulot! :)

Good fun! I like that the concept is both simple and self-sufficient! I did find the movement controls a bit too floaty for my tastes, especially the acceleration (I didn't mind the deceleration so much), it's pretty frustrating to try to dodge something and be temporarily slowed down.

There were issues with the games on certain browsers, so I updated them and made them standalone executables! (that wasn't an option back when I released the game, but it is now)

It may also improve performances, which is cool. In the games you can pause and access settings by pressing ENTER.

Thank you for checking out my games everyone, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you, that means a lot!! :)

Hi, thanks for trying it out! The games all should have audio, but indeed I just tried and no audio comes out on chrome. Works fine with Firefox though.

I'll update the games to the latest version of Pico-8 (the engine) and hopefully that will solve it. Thanks for the report!

That's great! Thank you very much! :)

This was made in Pico-8 yes, but sorry I have no plans to make available the source of the games for now.

Hi, iin the game folder, you'll find a "CHEATCODES-DONT.txt" file. That file contains the passwords for all the zip files containing the games. Just unpack them and enjoy. :)

Loving this!!! Please do sign me up!

Wow congrats!!! 🎉

You must have been very perseverant!

And thank you for sharing your wisdom! 😄

fun fact: there was one during development! "Death" would appear after "Life", but it didn't quite fit with the rest (and the message) of the game so I removed it. :)