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Rémy "Trasevol_Dog" Devaux

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There were issues with the games on certain browsers, so I updated them and made them standalone executables! (that wasn't an option back when I released the game, but it is now)

It may also improve performances, which is cool. In the games you can pause and access settings by pressing ENTER.

Thank you for checking out my games everyone, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you, that means a lot!! :)

Hi, thanks for trying it out! The games all should have audio, but indeed I just tried and no audio comes out on chrome. Works fine with Firefox though.

I'll update the games to the latest version of Pico-8 (the engine) and hopefully that will solve it. Thanks for the report!

That's great! Thank you very much! :)

This was made in Pico-8 yes, but sorry I have no plans to make available the source of the games for now.

Hi, iin the game folder, you'll find a "CHEATCODES-DONT.txt" file. That file contains the passwords for all the zip files containing the games. Just unpack them and enjoy. :)

Loving this!!! Please do sign me up!

Wow congrats!!! 🎉

You must have been very perseverant!

And thank you for sharing your wisdom! 😄

fun fact: there was one during development! "Death" would appear after "Life", but it didn't quite fit with the rest (and the message) of the game so I removed it. :)

You have to shoot at the two balls orbiting around the main meteor, each with the right color.

Super interesting little thing! The atmospheric sounds really add to the sense of discovery, it's great!!

Haha thanks for the suggestion! I'll get to it for sure at some point! :)

Cheers! Doing a full game based on Gar's Den has been one of my objectives since I uploaded this game! Sadly I didn't get to it yet, but I will, so look out for it! :)

Yellow is good. These thoughts are, too.

Oh wow yeah I didn't see that, thanks! It looks correct on my side, which is weird. I'll just make a little taller then. Thanks for reporting!

No not yet, but hopefully by the end of the year I will! :)

Cheers! :D

Thanks! :D

Yeah I know having the shooting star above the title looks a bit weird but the other way around would also have looked weird, so I chose this. It's fine....

I love this. You nailed the balance between god game and cellular automata. I could play with this for hours!!

It might be a bit of a shame that the game isn't that challenging but to be honest I think it wouldn't be as much fun if it was.

This super cool! I'm loving the juiciness of these controls. I would totally play a more elaborated game (like, with enemies for example ;) ) based on this! Great job!

This game feels like truth. Good job!

I'm not sure I totally got the rules of that but it played very nicely! The graphics are charming and your use of color is really good!

Highscore is 271! Could do with more meat but I guess the simplicity makes the charm! :)

Very nice style in this!! Lovely tension building from the beginning to the ending!

Cool entry! It could do with a little more interactivity. :)

Very cool little adventure game! I loved the ending!!

This was amazing!! Great soundtrack, super cool graphics and addictive gameplay! I love it a lot!!!

Super cool mini-adventure game!! Restarting the game all over again several times in order to win didn't feel too bothersome, so I'd say you did great!

Super cool pet game!! It... rocks! :D

Who doesn't love cellular automata right?! :D

Really cool stuff, I love the fact you let us choose which sprites we want to play with!

Haha really cool idea!! Looks pretty neat too! Nice Job!

Haha ! Thanks I guess !

This game is really hard.

Looks like you got stuck in a door. I thought I had fixed all the door-related bugs... ><

Thank you for the report, I'll try to fix it for a potential update in a few weeks. :)

Thank you! I really enjoy!! :D

Hi, thank you!

Yes I can confirm that you died there, that's what caused the crash. Dying right when changing rooms is not something I anticipated at all. I'll fix this, thanks for reporting!

Hi! Can you tell me more about this please? Is it the background hurting your eyes or the low resolution or maybe the colors? Or the combinaison of all three? Do you maybe have an idea of a solution that would not hurt your eyes?

Thank you for the praise. :X

Hey congrats and thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :D

I only fixed a bug with doors sending you into walls in some rare occasions. :)