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desktop pets & virtual companions...

a collection by alienmelon · last updated 2023-04-19 18:04:04
Take photos of cute birds doing cute things, and make people happy on the internet!
shimeji app for desktop mascot & avatar
Tons of shimeji desktop pets for pc/mac desktop
A little desktop friend to watch and play with!
A dress-up Desktop pet that talks to you every hour!
View your desktop through a CRT sim!
Grow your egg!
Pet this dog.
A little virtual pet in a strange world.
Role Playing
Play in browser
Raise a Kaiju to dethrone a corrupt government!
Play in browser
A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Tank!
scream into the void and listen
cyberpet graveyard: a graveyard of folders filled with unwanted, unlovable, and unsightly cyberpets.
Make little pets that wander around on your desktop.
A place in your pc to get new cute pets.
Your Forever Virtual Friend
Interactive Fiction
Care for a lumpy virtual pet
Choose your composition and watch your desktop come alive with a whole bunch of animals, plants, dinosaurs and robots.
It roams your desktop, hangs from your cursor, and sits on the taskbar.
smol desktop friend
Let you Cultist take control of your desktop !
Tamagotchi with cute dinosaurs living directly on your Windows desktop!
myFloppy: The strangest virtual pet experience in all of cyberspace! Now and forever!
Why have a pet rock when you can have a pet planet? Micromanage this cosmic rock to places never thought possible!
Play in browser
Googly Eyes for your Desktop
Giving your desktop an Among us Crewmate companion
A faithful remake of Pictochat for Windows and Android
Please, follow the instructions for assembly
A friendly UFO to cheer you on with your typing!
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