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love the voxel art, nice way of putting 2 games inside each other

pretty graphics, nice way to blend the games, loved the part that makes me bring objects from the game world to the real game to unlock areas, reviewing a game you made is a nice change of pace from you reviewing mine xD

gorgeus, very smooth the game transitions feels and how it jumped from one thing to another, but very short, i wanted more of this awesomeness, and no shark.....

very creative way to blend the 2 games, nice job

very hard to understand at first, nice games, and the way you joined them is pretty good, but maybe more intuitive the puzzles

i played it 3 times, max score was 50, but pretty good, its fun, gets really hard quick, nice graphics

thank you, i saw the video, there seems to be a glitch on the go button, you must click it on the corners or near the corners, it will turn green if you can click on it, i followed you on twitch to see if you gonna try it again

it supposed to happen, the pumpking key is required to enter the room with the second boss, the one with the green devils, the second boss drops a lantern, with the lantern the room with the blue demons the room is lighted and you can traverse on it

its impossible, you made little to no damage and die in 4 hits, aside from that, really cool art, good gameplay, well done 

really cool and unique concept, the song is cool but after a while can get really frutare to listen to it, but excellent work

nice touch with the crt effect, cool art and atmosphere, the game is really easy and the last part was a little boring cuz the enemies spawn from the same place, but really good

thank you, i wish i was good at making graphics, thinking about continuing and expanding the game, change the music and graphics

amazing art, some parts are confusing cause some laders acts like a wall and others dont, challenging and excellent music

cant get trough third level, great concept, character feel slow, also some boundaries would help, first game i go to the right and never get anything that prevented me

thank you very much for the comment and the feedback

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if you die, just press submit aka space bar, you will respawn with your progress, same if you beat the game but without the progress, thank you for the feedback

Done, Browser version is up aside from the download for windows

Thank you very much for the comment, the music was rushed 1 hour before the deadline, i wasnt sure about fitting in the game but was that or nothing

very much appreciated

Simple and really hard platformer for those who love challenge and speedrun, 2 player mode available,

this is my first game so im really excited about this and while it looks simple, i put so much effort on this, thank you,