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Thank you for playing :)

Nice sounds! 
When said "Ha Ha Ha" , I repeat "Ha Ha Ha". It's funny: ) 

Thanks for playing, making game level is good idea : ) 

Like this concept ! 
Upgrading weapon makes difficult to avoid purple square. It' not advantage, but if not do that we are killed by yellow square.  This tactics is so interesting : )

Thank you for playing : )

Very simple, but so exciting!
Kill All Enemy is Good command : )

Favorite game ! It's fun! 

Interesting !!! 

Typing command to operate character is attractive for programmer ( like me : ) ). I tried many times to get this score. Sound, fonts, and graphics are match for this game! ! 

I like it very much : ) 

Good concept game👍

I think showing the next color makes this game more comfortable! 

Only moving forward  with different power is best match for this theme! 

It's very very hard for the first time to adjust the power, but more play, I enjoy it :) because I am familiar with it. This game is so addictive 👍

Nice game!!

Difficult for me to observe two window at one time : ) The connection between right area's switch and the left side starship is good idea.👍

Very nice concepts! 

Operating so cute two characters is so exciting! The jump power and the friction between character and the cloud make the world of view good 👍 

Thank you for playing and comments👍

I agree in what you said, if there are no cost in toggling between night and day, player use it many times. . . I introduce a system what annoys a player when toggling.

Thank you!

All of your suggestions will make my game more interesting! As you have mentioned, I didn't have enough time to improve this game (because of my first challenge developing a game in such a few seconds.). So I want to  brush up this game later by reference to your ideas!