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This is so great to hear! We thought a lot during development about how to achieve balance between the story and the puzzles. I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks for playing, glad the game is right up your post-capitalist puzzle alley :) I'll look into the mac build and see if I can recreate the issues. If they persist, please get in touch via and we can dig in further!

Thanks for playing! I agree, the beginning is a little dense with no tutorialization. Level 2 especially drops a bit too much on the player.  I've grown quite accustomed to the isometric grid since I stare at them all day, but it's good to hear what your experience was like. I'll try to come up with a way of making that more clear, maybe with some slight coloration to the rows or light grid overlay surrounding the mouse cursors highlighted location

Thank you for playing and for the good feedback! I'll look into ways to make the rows and columns more clear.

Thanks for playing! I agree there could be some more clarity in the UI/UX. I do want it to be a trial & error sort of thing, but I want to make that process of discovery more fun and less frustrating.

OOF! I always forget to think of the ultrawide folks when doing a game jam. Hope it didn't disrupt the experience too much and thanks for playing!

Thank YOU so much for playing and for the kind words ❤

Great idea to solve the rock throwing and lack of gunplay action in tutorial in ... "one stone"! :)

yeah, more specifically, I had a hard time with landing on the smaller platforms. I'm not really sure of the cause, but I think the mid air movement was a little fast and the margin for error was small. Also maybe I'm just not the best at those sorts of things?



Great job on this jam! I love the agrarian-militaristic-glitchy-futurism aesthetic of chickens in VR preparing to go and fight a war against the consumers. It's right up my alley. It was fun exploring the world and progressing through the tutorial level. I did have some difficulty with the precision platforming in some sections, but other than that I had a blast. Looking forward to seeing more!

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This is such a clean, polished, and thoughtful jam entry. There's the right mix of ridiculousness and brain-torturing puzzles that I really enjoy. I would have loved to see a devlog about what you accomplished during the Marathon Jam specifically, but other than that I really can't think of anything negative/constructive to say about this game. It's well presented and was a fun challenge to try to wrap my head around what each hand could do and what core problem each level presented.

The trickle of new mechanics was well paced, but you probably have room for many more levels in between to really explore the nooks and crannies of what those mechanics can do. In its present state the game is mechanically dense, but not offensively so (in my opinion). It's like a decadent rich chocolate cake of a game. Those that are not puzzle-aficionados might get frustrated around when the skulls are introduced and would benefit from a couple more levels to get the grasp of things. 

I had to stop playing because I have to go to work instead of solving puzzles all day. Maybe I'll check in again this evening, I was excited to see where things were headed once the hands started joining together!

Nice work! I enjoyed the pixel art and you made a ton of progress during the jam. You taught the invisible floating mechanic really well in the first level. The second level was really thematic and fun - great job!

One thing I would have loved to see is some checkpoints or health packs. I loved dying to da vinci's skeleton the first time, but the second time I felt frustrated that I had to return to the beginning of the level. I really felt like I could beat him if I had a fresh health bar. That fight is old school difficult, which some people would say is a plus!

Great job with this jam entry and I'm looking forward to seeing more updates

I had a lot of fun with this one! Really enjoyed exploring all the different weapons and wall sliding away from enemies. I would love to see more situational challenges which make the player switch up their strategy. I found my favorite gun (shotgun) and mostly stuck with that. I was in neon heaven with the audio/visual polish and floor warping effect. Everything came together to make a nice cohesive experience.

Great job on this! - It looks like quite a long list of edits in this 0.2.0 version for the jam

Nice progress! I need to take a lesson from your UI design - it's so cleanly laid out and well presented. This fits nicely within the "chill simulator" genre. Well done :)

This game is so unique and it's been awesome seeing your progress during the jam. Great job!

Hey Spencer,

I did not read properly and missed that this was the Lunar New Years bundle.  I'd like to remove my game (The Machine's Garden) from consideration - these spots should probably be reserved for games & creators that deserve to be featured in a Lunar New Year celebration bundle!

 I've deleted my original submission message- thanks for organizing this bundle.

Solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of the Machine's Garden - out now on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Repair the Machine's forgotten subsystems through a series of challenging puzzles, but beware the consequences. After centuries of dormancy, the military installation, vast and serpentine, has opened its eye.

Get it on sale during the launch week on itch:

Also available on other storefronts

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🐌Snailboat⛵- a short and sweet puzzle game, is now available on iOS and Android!

  • 🧩11 puzzling nautical conundrums
  • 🎁100% free (no ads, etc)
  • 🐌At least 7 snails

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Thanks so much for the great review Jupiter!   I really appreciate it :)

Great job with the atmosphere and 3D models.  I liked exploring the world & dream-space.  The game was a little bit hard to control though.  Other than that, outstanding job!  Thanks for sharing :)

Your baby smells.

But... your game was absurd and fun.  Thanks for sharing.

Couldn't get the game to run.

Try zipping up the entire unity build and not just the .exe - I think that should fix the issue!

Nice little game!  I like the player sprite a lot.

Thanks for sharing :)

Nice little 3D model and animation.  Awesome work on the shaders/materials on the character.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Hey, thanks for sharing this game!  Loved the particle effects - it really enhanced the feel of the game.  It was an interesting mix of gore, blood, happy music, and colorful fish.  Loved unlocking the new fish :)

Oh boy, I definitely thought I was gonna get jump scared.  I found the door with the passcode but I couldn't find the info for it. I ended up giving up, but definitely a quality spoopy experience! Thanks for sharing this game

Nice little game!  I liked the sound effects :)

Thanks for sharing!

This game was a joy to play.  The music gave such a fun vibe to the game.  I loved shooting the flamethrower off on the upbeats of the song - it felt like I was doing a glorious ant-murdering fire dance.  I was going to check to see if you cited where you got the music from but then I realized YOU MADE IT!  Awesome job on that.  I always respect people that take the time to make a nice track for a game jam.  Thanks so much for sharing this.

Cool game!  This is a whole lot of mechanics for 48 hours.  I'm really amazed at the amount of work that must have gone into all the systems in this game - especially for what seems to be just a solo developer?  And you even had some cool art for the player character with different sprites for facing directions!   Well done.  I loved building up a little civilization of happy harvesters.   Would love to see this game polished up with audio, effects, and objectives. Thanks so much for sharing this game.

Nice little game! I liked the aesthetics a lot.   The music & art definitely added to the atmosphere of the game, so nice job by the sound designer & 3d artist!   One very small thing you could do to improve the game would be add some kind of effect/particle when you hit the enemies- I wasn't sure how much reach the sword had.  Anyways very cool game, thanks so much for sharing this!

Neat game!  I loved the idea of this arcade cabinet in 3D space that hosted this 2D retro game.   Leaving the 2D game to have to "debug" the back of the cabinet in 3D space was a good little nugget of game design-  it left you anxious about whether the various enemies were gonna come get you.  Would have loved it if the game saved how many bugs you've fixed between lives- it was a bit tedious to have to redo the previous bugs.  Really cool entry in the jam, thanks so much for sharing!

Nice game!  It reminds me of Audiosurf  :)  It would be cool to add some more mechanics and flesh this out into a rhythm game.  Cool Aesthetics in this one.  Thanks for jamming and sharing!

Fun little game!  It was so random!  Thanks for jamming & sharing it :)

Critics are raving about Batman: The Movie: The Game!  Great variety of puzzles with a humorous guide that must be kept handy throughout the play-through.   A truly stellar entry in Pizza Jam, well done.