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I really enjoyed this game! Good vibes with fun lil puzzles. I like how the difficulty ramped up after each round! 

If anyone wants to talk more about this game you can find me hanging out at the Hornet's Nest.

Thanks for playing and watching the devlog video! I agree that the onboarding tutorial and gameplay clarity could be tuned up. Glad to hear things started to click after a few plays. I noticed in my live playthroughs I had to explain the game to my playtesters before they got it and started to have fun with it.

Thank you for the comment! I definitely wanted to lean into mechanical and strategical depth , and I do think the tutorial could have been a bit more thorough. It was one of those LAST DAY GOTTA HURRY kind of things :)

Ok, I finally got someone to play with me and we had a great time! It took us a while to figure out what all the tells were, but once we were acclimated with the game and its rules we had a blast trying to blend in and sneak up on each other. 

Worked perfectly on my PS4 gamepad btw! great job getting all those controls set up during the jam.

This is a wildly ambitious jam game. You set out to make multiplayer minecraft with guns in 9 days, and you got a surprising amount done. It was fun to run around in the world for a bit with my friend.  The zombies were very frightening because it was not easy to run away and you could lose all of your resources! I would have liked a more narrow scope with little more polish and clear direction, but you accomplished so much during the jam, so that's maybe asking for icing on a cake that took literally all of the 9 days to make.

Great work on this!

Ah, sorry about the [ /  ]key! I thought it was standard! Probably should have used K / L.  Thanks for the comment though and I will check out your game.

Thanks so much for playing and writing a thoughtful comment! My focus was on making a chaotic and fun party game, so balancing the game fell to a lower priority. The wares that cost 0 are starter cards can leave your deck a little underpowered, so I left them at 0 cost. I agree about the random tile checks, I should probably do some magic to make sure it doesnt hit the same tile twice. Love that your friend got 44 tomatoes, that is the high score AFAIK! Nice one :)

I also agree with you about the controls. It's a little tricky to execute the hand > plot transition without screwing up your plan and the hectic nature of the gameplay doesn't really help.

Thanks again for playing!

thanks! hopefully it was interesting to play!

Shh don't tell them, they still think they are tomatoes

Thanks! I'm working on adding in an optional 1 player mode playing against an AI opponent :)

We had a blast playing through this on stream last night. This was a really great jam entry - a solid idea with great execution. It was the perfect game to trade off with a friend and try to get high scores at as you slowly peel away techniques and tricks for dealing with different situations. 

You all should be really proud of the work you've done here! Way to go!

Hey! We enjoyed playing this on stream yesterday. It was pretty challenging, but it was a really engaging shooter that works great as a mobile game! A couple times, a run felt kindof unfair due to enemy spawns and timing, but other than that we had a great time with this. Nice work!

We really enjoyed playing through this on stream yesterday. The epitome of what a jam game should be. A solid and small core idea, polished to near-perfection. I loved the emergent styles and discovery that come out of learning how the different dice rolls force you to behave.

It was fun to trade turns with my co-streamer and see who could get the high score. The platforming was really tight and led to some seriously tense moments that felt challenging and fair.

Congrats to your team, you should be really proud of what you accomplished!

We really enjoyed playing through this on stream yesterday! Honestly, I shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did. I think part of the reason why it was so good is because of the smart level design. You didn't just plop a bunch of enemies in and call it a day, you designed explicit situational encounters with a touch of puzzling and a heap of hot action. Great work.

The die rolling effecting stats was a neat idea, but I largely tended to ignore it and stay focused on combat. I enjoyed it being there though - it was cool to look at it after an encounter and be like, DANG how is my throw stat so high?

Great job on this! With some more art polish and ironing out a little of the mechanical jank (picking up the dice after you throw it in front of you with a low throw stat) it would be a reaaaally great experience. Though I did become quite enamored by some of the jank by the end, I bet a few people on here would get pretty confused if they didnt have someone in chat walking them through some of the more puzzling parts.

This is an outstanding jam entry. A fantastic idea, polished to near-perfection. I wouldn't be surprised to see this as one of the finalists!

Seriously, we had a lot of fun playing this on stream yesterday and even though streaming isn't my main thing, I could see this style of game really being a hit with streamers/youtubers because of the funny situations it puts you in!

Fantastic job yall, you should be really proud of this!

Enjoyed playing this on stream yesterday and I'm glad I had SpaceFarmer helping me out! It was a really neat concept/twist on the idle genre of having to grow food and make smart choices about what to feed the ghost. Would have loved to see what yall could have made if you had a bit more time! Loved the level art and transitioning between the different areas.

Enjoyed playing this on stream yesterday! Was a really cute platformer with cool vfx. loved that I was able to complete it with only one life left!! Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Nice puzzler! I had a lot of fun playing this with my buds. One thing that is challenging with this type of game is that it is too hard to keep all the possible rotations of a 3D die in your head when trying to solve puzzles, so it ends up being the kind of puzzle you just try for a while until you figure it out. That's not a bad thing though! It's like untying a satisfying knot and the visuals definitely helped create a fun place to hang out and solve puzzles in. One last suggestion is that rails on the edges of the level might have helped with accidental KOs. There were a few times I shouted at my computer and I'm not exactly proud of it. Great job with this game, we had fun!

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Interesting concept! I enjoyed the fire and wish there were some sound effects. It was also pretty tough to watch as the enemies marched forward to destroy me as I was reloading and that made me want to make each shot count

Hi! I loved the 3D animal blocks. 

#5 HARAMBE was my fave, but #6 elephant is OP. I did have a little bit of trouble with the platforming. I pressed the enter key and it seemed to only sometimes let me begin the platforming. the jumps were difficult to execute but I enjoyed the concept of building your own platforming level!


Thanks for this game! It's not often a jam game comes with lore, a slick aesthetic, and mechanical depth. I quite enjoyed the mix of luck and micro strategy. I loved figuring out a few tricks like grouping enemies together to make them easier to deal with when they got into tricky formations.

One thing I noticed design-wise is that the possibility space is a little too big to play this as a pure chess-like puzzler/tactics game. Not that it's a bad thing! I actually quite like puzzlers that force you to deal with this sort of fuzzy situational stuff (not just pure logic). Since I dont really know all the possible combinations that will spin out from any particular face on the die, so I tended to roll my way into a scenario and just kinda play each turn as it went. I also developed a habit of rolling back and forth between faces I knew would reliably come up rather than try to visualize a 3D die in my head and plan things out. I liked the weird ways I came up with for not having to actually do the hard work of deep planning. Some people might criticize this sort of "fuzzy puzzle" but I'm interested in games that approach puzzles in a way that you have to " surrender to the situation" in a way.

The only other critical thing I have to say is that I would have enjoyed movement and fire animation to be sped up like 2-3x and add an autozip to the door when it opens. The movement timing felt pretty tedious at times and could be a major sticking point for people who would otherwise really enjoy this game.

You have a really strong concept and aesthetic here, and you delivered with a game that kept me playing until the end! Great work.

Hey, nice lil game! I think the concept is strong but could use some more polishing. Would like a phase where I get to pick my dice ahead of time. I also think the movement dice should be limited in some way (and I think that was the intention according to the directions, but maybe it just didn't make it in the jam build?). I think the difficulty curve could have ramped up a little faster and the level sizes been cut down quite a bit to make a more micro-focused tactics experience. Overall I enjoyed checking this one out. Great job developing this concept out into a playable experience during the jam!

Glad this game was in my queue! I quite enjoyed it quite a bit once I wrapped my head around it. I skipped the tutorial text like a punk and was punished by not understanding I could place my defenders. Once that clicked I found this to be a unique twist on tower defense and maybe the most honest implementation of "roll of the dice" that I've seen so far. Loved the cores, loved the instant power ups. I especially loved the level where you were given a completely malfunctioning core. That was cool to instantly know what I could do with it because of the way you set the levels up incrementally.

Nice work!

Hey I really enjoyed my time with this one, glad you were in my queue! It was quite challenging at times and I found myself thinking, okay let me just get this checkpoint and then I'll leave a review. I'm still working through a section (trampoline blocked by 3 dice) *goes back to play more* 

Ok finally made it to the end! Loved the visual aesthetic and core concept. The backgrounds were saccharine and a little creepy in a good way. I thought the concept was strong, but could have used a bit more puzzley development, I felt like I was switching between 2 states more often and dice states were often stacked up in groups rather than one-offs. That's probably a hard type of level to design, especially in a game jam. 

I disagree with the commenter below that said the level design was disappointing. I think the level design was spicy and challenging. It leaned into precise platforming at times that probably turn some people off- I definitely got frustrated at a few times, but I persisted, like a spicy meal I was determined to finish. Sure, it could be polished in some spots, there could be more checkpoints, but whatever. You had some strong concepts in there that force you to realize certain elements of the way the head and body behave in different scenarios, which I loved. great job.

This was a slick card battler. I love those crusty pixels and dirty synth tracks, a solid aesthetic all-around.  I was super surprised at the deep systems and mechanics you were able to work into the game - status effects, cards with multiple levels, several enemy types and behaviors.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were able to create all of this in the 48 hours of the jam, but I would have an easier time believing it if there were some kind of dice-related cards or enemies. I'm going to assume the "Dice" is the sun/moon random chance (are there 6 of them?) and if so, cool!

You did a great job with this! I had a lot of fun crawling through this shroomy dungeon until it started getting pretty difficult. It was hard to avoid using all my cards in the first turn haha

Great job getting this done during the jam! It's a strong puzzle game concept, although it's hard to remember which side each face of the dice is when it is underneath you or facing away from you. I could definitely see this expanded into a larger puzzle game and was hoping for a few more levels :) My gameplay feedback would be to allow players to move a little quicker, but otherwise, great concept and execution!

Nice work getting this prototype done during the jam! Would love to see some more implications for the dice rolling, what different numbers do, etc. Great job!

I made sock puppet 3d models using a tool called Clayxels and then rendered out 2D sprite animations of the models. On top of that, there is also a shader effect that clamps color values to a palette.

Thanks so much for the kind words!

I'm always trying to make progress on my long term project, and I love the atmosphere of a game jam for getting things done. This sounds like a great time!

Just played this in Indiepocalypse, it was really touching. I loved the aesthetic and interface as well as the "struggling to stay alive" feeling of the minigames. When the final song came on near the end I cranked up the volume. Thanks for a lovely game!

Thank you!

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Hi Lyrdinn, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed even the really hard puzzles!

feel free to say nice things about the game in this thread

Hi! Please post any support requests or bug reports in this thread.

This game made me feel things. I now understand what would bring someone to fly a kite.

Thanks for this game (digital tchotchke).

Thanks so much for playing, we appreciate the kind words!