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it's my own engine, but it uses PIXI for webgl rendering and rot.js for FOV and pathfinding

I'll never look at my furniture the same way again. Like a fever dream you might have after a weekend binging Resident Evil and getting lost in IKEA.

I made it to level 7 but I think I'm too traumatised to go back inside... 

great idea. smashing through a block of buildings to create cover is really fun. I just wish there were a few more options for dealing with the police and military. at the moment feels a bit too punishing.

Makes my browser hang while loading.  
Chrome 111.0.5563.110 on OSX Monterey

had fun with this - v polished for 2 days! I can see why you needed to be able to snap on any turn, but it did feel like I was being cheap by exploiting it.

thanks! i think we drastically overspent on vibes vs mechanics, so I'm glad it paid off for you!

thanks for playing! agree that the combat is pretty rudimentary – had to be pretty ruthless with the feature culling to get over the finish line!

That's now fixed. Thanks!

Thanks dude! It's definitely a project I'd consider developing further when I have some free time. Glad you had fun with it :)

I've tried to follow the conventions of the popular word games, so proper nouns are not allowed!

huge micro machines vibes. love it!


Go for it! Maybe you'll inspire me to finish the update I was working on :)

This game is exactly weird enough for me and approximately 200% too smart. I reckon I beat half of the levels legit and have to admit that I skipped any that I couldn't beat after a few minutes of trying. You are a kind soul for including that cheat code so that I could see the combination printer scanner do its glorious work. Love it!

Damn, this is a really pretty game! I love the title screen and the audio too. 

It's pretty fun, but without any level progression it feels like you run out of things to do fairly quickly. The optimum strategy seems to be standing on a money flower and using it as a 'wait' button.  Changing it so that you received money when walking onto the tile instead of clicking  might fix that little exploit.

While it doesn't seem particularly in keeping with the theme of the jam, I did have fun playing this. Spamming loads of knives is especially enjoyable!

I encountered a few collision detection bugs where I ended inside walls, and once was left off-center and couldn't get back a corridor. I don't think the timer resets between runs, either.

I beat it in 158 seconds :)

Love the aesthetic! Once you work out that you should just throw a weapon whenever you have a chance to that seems to be enough to beat the game, especially since (if I understand correctly) the weapons level up while they're on the ground. Still, very cool, and I'd love to explore a game world like this.

Thanks! It's always fascinating to watch someone play your game,  and it 's rad that you give so much time to jam games.

The movement puzzles in this are very cool – reminded me of Snakebird. I found it tricky to remember the controls (kept shooting ink when I meant to drift), but I had fun (got to level 20).

That box mockup is a work of art! Had fun with this. Seems like you can quite quickly get overwhelmed by enemies – it would be cool if there was a powerup or something that you could strategically deploy to counter this.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out! It's now playable in Firefox.  

thank you!

thanks! so much more I wanted to add, but I'm glad the basic idea works.

I love this game. I'm keen to try out the two player mode, but the network stuff didn't seem to work on OSX. Single player worked perfectly though!

Your dialogue had me laughing, well done! I think I found a bug – if you aggro the shopkeeper (which OF COURSE I did) he stays aggressive even if you die and restart.

Congratulations, you tricked me into enjoying a Battle Royal game! Had a blast with this one. The energy system works really well, and the void looks awesome. Bit hard to tell what's going on when you're getting shot at. Maybe some Cogmind-style animations could help? 

I made it to the final 10 but there was nobody else in the eye of the storm with me. Waited around for a while, but nobody arrived or died. 

Really impressed that you managed not only to make this work, but to make it work well! Congrats.

Glad you liked it! Sorry that you got stuck. I've not been able to reproduce that bug – ran the level gen for that floor x15000 without a hitch.

If you (or anyone else) runs into it again, please let me know.

Hey folks!

This was my first time doing 7DRL. I made the foolish decision to write an engine from scratch so ended up dropping lots of ideas and cramming all the gameplay in on the last day. It's still kinda fun, albeit rather simple. The mechanic that I wanted to explore was "roguetime" ranged combat, where enemies would move as you fire, and the challenge would be to predict where they would move to and aim accordingly. Sadly didn't have time to add a variety of enemies with different movement patterns, but the basis of the mechanic is in there.

- 7 unique levels
- 3 flavours of slime
- sneks and bats
- your dad

i like the idea of both competing and cooperating... but not always knowing which

so say ~7 days for a message from server to player. even if player responds immediately that's another ~7 days back.

in this scenario the server is waiting for a response before sending the next message, presumably because the player action will affect the next message.

for messages that aren't affected by player action sure, you could send them out a faster rate.

given the speed of international mail 2 weeks between turns seems optimistic.

that's not a problem tho, depends how you script it. some mail could be 'automated reports' which get sent regardless of player response, or there could be a batch of mail sent in short succession.

of course the international postal system has the power to change the order of everything anyway :-)

International Standard from the UK takes 5-7 working days. price varies based on size, weight and destination. useful table here

you can send a small letter/postcard to anywhere for £1