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Congratulations, you tricked me into enjoying a Battle Royal game! Had a blast with this one. The energy system works really well, and the void looks awesome. Bit hard to tell what's going on when you're getting shot at. Maybe some Cogmind-style animations could help? 

I made it to the final 10 but there was nobody else in the eye of the storm with me. Waited around for a while, but nobody arrived or died. 

Strange! Enemies should take damage from the void so it must be some sort of bug (clearly), sorry to have your run stopped short because of that :(.

I'd *love* animations, it was basically the next priority on my list of things to do when I hit up against the deadline. I just didn't have any pre-existing code or support for them coming into the jam and couldn't manage it in time. Kind of unfortunate because it really would improve the legibility of the game a ton.