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@rcus (complete-ish)

A topic by tomtl created Mar 12, 2018 Views: 92 Replies: 1
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Hey folks!

This was my first time doing 7DRL. I made the foolish decision to write an engine from scratch so ended up dropping lots of ideas and cramming all the gameplay in on the last day. It's still kinda fun, albeit rather simple. The mechanic that I wanted to explore was "roguetime" ranged combat, where enemies would move as you fire, and the challenge would be to predict where they would move to and aim accordingly. Sadly didn't have time to add a variety of enemies with different movement patterns, but the basis of the mechanic is in there.

- 7 unique levels
- 3 flavours of slime
- sneks and bats
- your dad

That bow-and-arrow mouse is control fantastic!