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given the speed of international mail 2 weeks between turns seems optimistic.

that's not a problem tho, depends how you script it. some mail could be 'automated reports' which get sent regardless of player response, or there could be a batch of mail sent in short succession.

of course the international postal system has the power to change the order of everything anyway :-)

International mail for letters is fairly fast, though, isn't it? 4-5 days from Sweden, 6-7 from the UK - I'd assume Europe is pretty much all in that range. Asia is probably worse off, but can't be entirely terrible.

so say ~7 days for a message from server to player. even if player responds immediately that's another ~7 days back.

in this scenario the server is waiting for a response before sending the next message, presumably because the player action will affect the next message.

for messages that aren't affected by player action sure, you could send them out a faster rate.