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No problem, feel free to contact me if you need some help :)

Awesome game. I had some slowdowns on Chrome, but when i switched to Firefox it was quite good. Fun to play!

Thanks for your feedback! I uploaded a .dmg for the game - it should work now.

Funny thing is, that GameMaker (or maybe Apple?) messes things up when it's packed with zip. When unpacking the game, some of the paths are missing. 

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I thought about the same thing. I'm a very beginner in gamedev, but I'm an experiance iOS developer (6 years) and have some experiance in Android development. If team is reading - I would gladly help to make this happen :)

Very nice... but I also found out how to cheet it a little :D Scored near 9k :D

Very nice... but I also found out how to cheet it a little :D Scored near 9k :D

Cool game! :)

Cool idea and awesome sound!

Awesome game! For me the movement was to quick for a GB game. But overall - very cool.

Nice platformer game :) I liked the concept that it's a one screen level.

One thing I was struggling with was the collisions - when jumping on the top.  Sometimes it kills the enemy, sometimes it kills me.

Other thing was the doors, once I didn't knew what happened, then I realized I was near the door and that's why I jumped to another level.
Overall it was quite nice.

A very nice crafting game! Pixel Art and overall world was enjoyable. One thing that you can "do better" to have some "wilson" to help you out from time to time or a tutorial perhaps? Good work!

I thought I manage to do more, unfortunately this time period wasn't as good for me as I hoped it would. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I've done. Happy sailing!

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In the first Crash the jumping (specially in does bridge levels) was sometimes frustrating... It's a demake game, so frustration also must be included ;) But maybe you are right... I didn't have time to test with more people.. sorry for your pain!

I'm searching for a pixel artist for a demake to a platform game. Would be great to have some help with the assets. I'm working on GMS2.

Demake JAM community · Created a new topic Artists needed

I thought that maybe this topic will be useful. Any pixel, 3d, asset artist is there ready to help - or maybe any developers searching for an artist - post your needs here.

Good luck! :D