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Dominio community · Created a new topic Help & FAQ
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There are some advanced movement techniques required to beat certain floors in the dungeon, like this one:

Most of which center around creative uses of the Dash ability.

Dash grants you a temporary speed boost.

So if you Dash while on the ground, and immediately jump, you will jump farther than usual carrying your momentum into the air; this is called a Jump Cancelled Dash

Combine this with the technique of Dashing while in the air, and you can cross some fairly large gaps.

never responded to this, yeah no worries!

I'm making a 3d version you can follow progress on my twitter.

Hey! quick tip, might want to set the build to "Windows" just so people know its windows only.

Look forward to playing it soon :)

I can't rate it because only other participants can rate something.

I really like it though!


  • As others said objective wasn't clear at first. I kind of liked it though. It was obvious after like 1 second of playing.
  • More levels could be nice in the future
  • The Satellites only purpose as far as I could tell was to increase chances of hitting the green planet, would have like more development on this idea, like needing to hit multiple green planets at once or something.
  • The black holes were cool
  • The overall game was fun, it reminded me of playing pool.

thank you!

Post your progress screenshots / clips / gifs

WASD to move J to shoot

ESC to access programming menu

makes sense to me! that sucks about the last jam im sorry

I'm confused wasn't this already submitted for week 52 jam?

5 mins after jam start, theme still doesn't show up.