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Interesting concept but they move so fast I can barely think.

I'm 13 this is my second jam honestly the most important thing is to get something out the window. Ask for help on the discord server if you need it.

First and foremost this is a community event. 

Finish the entire game before even thinking about aesthetics whether that be art or music.

Number 1 piece of advice is too only take 1 day to actually finish the game then spend the rest polishing.

This is my second jam too. This time I will finish the entire game before adding music/art

Your right I only submitted the executable so it doesn't run. Big goof sorr

Shoot the submissions are done sorry about that

Oh shoot I don't think I can change it no

We need a composer/ sound designer. Here is the discord

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I'm a blender artist trying my hand at game design. I am terrible at programming but have found a great teammate. However I'm wondering about learning programming in the future I've tried out Unity but am not bound to that engine. Advice would be great.

Do you know sound design or should we get one more person for that

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Please note that I won't be able to work constantly. My best skills are at environments. I set up a discord server for us.

AIVA is a life saver

No everything needs to be created by you. This does not include add ons that help you make things.


I'm 13 and I know your solo but I'm very good at blender (3D modeling) and mediocre at C#. It would be so cool if we could work together. My email is Hit me up. 

That’s what I’ll do I can have the ease of 2D mechanics but the familiarity of 3D graphics.

Thanks, really clarifying.

GMTK Game Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic 3D vs 2D

I have heard that 2D games less time but I have never learned how to make 2D art/code/effects. I like both 2D and 3D games so that's not an issue. I am much better at blender than anything else and can get low-poly stuff out extremely quickly. I am using Unity as my engine although I am enough of a beginner to switch fairly easily. Advice would be appreciated.

You want 3D or 2D.

It’s fine everyone here to learn and have fun.