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Thanks for the feedback ShiftSquid!
I  just implemented the cycling of characters, stages and modes... 
...including a new mode...
Keep Away! 

In Keep away, the chefs try to hold the Golden Spatula. Each second you hold onto the spatula grants that player another point. First to 21 wins! Just watch out another player can smack the spatula out of your hand and start getting points for themselves! For those that like their "capture the flag" mode, considered yourself SERVED!

This feature as well as all the levels 6+ and all the game modes, will be included in the final game

...AAAAANNNND for helping out with your great feedback ShiftSquid will get an extra special treat on the games release ;)

Stay tuned

Great idea! Love playing it. Maybe have it when you roll up the left side ramp it gives you 5% water and if you roll up the right ramp% it progresses a random crop by one stage. Just ideals. Once again I love this game and hope more gets added to it.

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Welcome to the JAM! The thrill of jamming a hoop, meets the high stakes of Pachinco

SERVED is the game where you make meals by slamming food onto plates and slapping it from your opponents hands. It's FREE and will give you a good taste of what's to come in the "main coarse". Download it right here on itch and feel free to comment/suggest/rant about the game. 


Screen Shots

This looks sooo good! I'm downloading this right now!

I had a chance to play this at the jam. Very fun! The color switching mechanic was a great hook!

Love it! The concept is strong and the play is fast paced. Kind of like a D&D restaurant game (but in a good way!). A few bugs here or there but a great demo for only 48 hours. Love the rats!