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[Soundtrack] [Sound Designer] Composer and audio producer looking for a project to work on!

A topic by CCcomposer created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 753 Replies: 22
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Hello! I'm Camilla and I come from Italy. I'm a soundtrack composer for videogames and movies.

I can write music for your project, from orchestral to electronic, from themes to soundscapes.

And if you need new custom sound effects, I can create something unique for you.

Here's the link to my Soundcloud, where you can listen some of my works inspirated by in-game situations. All of them are made with good quality sound libraries and synthesizers. I work with Ableton Live 9, and have a decent knowledge of Wwise.

Let me know if you need my help :)

Have a nice day!

New tracks!

If you want to listen to some music composed by me and played live here's the link

I already have a musician in my small team, but I'm still in need of someone able to make good sound effects. If you are interested, I'd really appreciate it if you played the demo of my game and made a sound effect that fits the action of the main character attacking. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey there! Yeah, to me it would be fine to work to the sfx for your game. Send me the demo! If you need it, my email address is

Thanks! Here is the demo. In the game you play as a bipedal shark. As to be expected, his main attack is to bite enemies. I've tried for ages, but I haven't been able to come up with a sound effect that fits a bite coming from this lil' fella.

All right, I'll play it and try to figure something out! :)

Great thanks! I await patiently for the results.

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Hello! For now, I managed to do these three, also tried them in the demo and they seem to do their job well. I tried to fit in the 8-bit style of the game but if you don't like them or want something different just tell me!

p.s. The "nice one" is the one I like the most

Thanks for your amazing work. They all sound great, and I also prefer the "nice" one to the other two. I feel like you're the type of person I lacked in my group, and if you'd be willing to help us out it would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to pay you or anything like that, so you can decline if you want to.

I'm glad you liked my work! To me, being part of your team is fine. I believe it's good to join forces for a common (indipendent) purpose, I hope I will be helpful for your project :) If there's something more you want to tell me about it just write me.

Awesome! Nice to have you on board. Would you be willing to tell me your Skype/Discord/Steam information or something? I don't find this the best way to communicate, really.

Sure, you should find me on Steam, nickname: CCcomposer.

New track! An easily loopable percussive battle theme, ideal for RPGs.

This will be included in a soundtrack playlist dedicated to orchestral battle themes, which I'm going to make downloadable on

News will arrive soon!

Hello, I'd like to have you on our team,since we're missing a Music Composer,We're non-profit studio,however,in next games we might do Rev-Share and so on, but currently we're doing this for fun,If you would like to work with us, 

Hit me up on : AlaaNasro#2442 (Discord)

New track, started to make some chiptunes.

The new chiptne playlist in my SoundCloud profile. Check it out!

Check out my SoundCloud page!

My personal website will be online soon, so for now...

...check out my SoundCloud page!

Just updated my profile, make sure to have a look at it!

Check out my SoundCloud page!

Check out my SFX playlist on Soundcloud!

Available for sound designing! 

Looking for projects!