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Can you export a Linux binary?

Is it possible you could export this for Linux or Web?

The game seems to take forever. I can’t even finish the first day :(. Then I found out I can get loads of fish by spamming M1 as soon as a fish bites. I still don’t have all the fish I need and now my inventory is full and I can’t get rid of them quickly because they will poison me.

The beginning was very slow and too easy. You can basically win by standing still and spamming shoot. The fire phase looked cool, but progress was still very slow.

Firefox 84.0 Debian Linux

It doesn’t work for me. Black Screen

Ah, they are in different currencies, sorry to bother you.

windows only :( I’m on linux.

Today I got a score of 13k, can you beat it?

Can you do a linux release?

I’d like to try this game out, but it only supports windows. Is it possible to export it for linux?

Is it possible to export this to linux? I’d like to try out this game :D

I get this when I run the game with love version 11.1 (it’s not the version you made the game with, but it’s the default version for my debian system)


Shield.lua:10: Could not decode file ‘assets/sprites/shield.png’ to ImageData: unsupported file format


[C]: in function ‘newImage’ Shield.lua:10: in main chunk [C]: in function ‘require’ Character.lua:8: in main chunk [C]: in function ‘require’ collision.lua:2: in main chunk [C]: in function ‘require’ main.lua:30: in main chunk [C]: in function ‘require’ [C]: in function ‘xpcall’ [C]: in function ‘xpcall’