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A member registered Jun 09, 2014

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Level 1 is pretty much done.

I'll focus on finishing that, to release something before the deadline.

So, it will be one level only. I need to activate player death, and i need to create some sort of explosion sprite today.
SFX are pretty much done (white-noise ftw).
But i still need at least 1 music track.

After that, is just adding some text/score and simple stuff.
I think i can finish and package 1 level before the deadline.

Entities pretty much done.

I have 3 types of enemies configured.  I have the first level layout ready.

Now, i need to finish something playable (at least 1 level), add sfx and music, and then polish/add if i can.
If people enjoy this little game, i might try to fully flesh it out.

I'm still working on entities. I added 2 types of enemies similar to each other, but they are mirrored in their behaviour.
I need to draw some explosions to make the killing of the enemies more satisfying.
Next step is adding enemies that can shoot back at the player.

Overall, i think i can make a fun little game. I want to get started on songs/sfx during the weekend. We'll see.

That would be cool. An insane  meter screwing up the game. It would fit the theme perfectly. I'll see if i can implement something like this.

Hey man, 

feel free to browse my youtube: http://youtube.com/tibonev
and my bandcamp: http://tibone.bandcamp.com/

If you listen to them, let me know what you think.. feedback is always welcome.

thanks man, i hope to finish the game for the jam.

Did some more work last night. My player ship can now shoot. And the 1 type of enemy can be killed.

I hope to work some more tonight or on my lunch break. But in the current pace, i should be able to finish the entities and basic mechanics by the weekend.
Then it's just graphic and level design.

Anyone has any idea of a cool gimmick to implement? 
I was thinking about adding something different. I thinking either a "enemy grabbing" weapon or a secondary weapon with limited use.
Still planning that, but aside from the main work.

Thanks man. Lovecraft is my favorite author. And i love to try and turn his stories into games. Back in 2010 i did a game based on "In the walls of Eryx." - i really need to remake that game.

I needed some enemy sprites in order to test enemy placement and movement, so here they are:

Some sort of abstract, lovecraftian creature, with multiple disjointed eyeballs:

A very low-res rendering of a moon-beast:

These are place-holder, but will most likely be in the submitted game, i think their weird aesthetic matches what i'm going for with the game.

Your palette looks really good. How are you deciding the colors? Did you limited yourself to a palette? Or are you picking and choosing as you go?

Vaporwave music as well?

You may want to improve your jumping animation, make the necromancer pull his knees togheter or perhaps let his robe flow around a bit. Just something to visually make sure he is in the air.

Other than that, keep up the good work. :)

Main Ship:
Some sort of bio-mechanical/organic submarine to navigate the dream-land.

Some tiles:
These are place-holders and will be substituted in time.

What i have so far:
- Horizontal scrolling scene, with a controlable ship.
- A shoot button that works.
- Some tiles.

Next steps:
- Implement one enemy.
- Draw some bullets (shots)

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Horizontal shmup, based on the novella by H.P Lovecraft.
You play as a version of R. Carter, in his quest to find the sunset city of Kadath.
You will have to fight Zoogs, Goos and moon-beasts in order to reach the destination of the gods.

HTML5 w/ some framework: I want the game to be playable in a browser. And this is the quickest way to do so nowdays,
also, this is a good opportunity for me to test drive different frameworks.

160x120 resolution;
8x8 tiles;
16x16 sprites;
C64 based palette.
(The entire output will be scaled up to the browser window size, but this will allow me to draw stuff quicker).
Tool: jpixel:  I'm really liking the ability to preview animations inside the drawing program and also to be able to export spritesheet and tilesets.

Sounds and Music:
TBD. I plan on using at least one 8bit chip for music.
I would like to venture into FM, but only if time allows, otherwise, i'll most likely stick to the PSG (SN76489) chip for everything.

- At least 2 levels with 2:00~ minutes of gameplay each.
- Min. number of enemies: 3.
- 1 boss.
- 2 songs.
- 3 SFX (shooting, and 2 explosions).

Bonus (only if the scope is met):
- upgrade-able shots. / power-up system
- more enemies.
- more bosses.
- more levels.
- decent scoring system
- more stuff.

Stage 1: Enchanted Woods
Cavern with logs and trees.
Enemies: Zoogs, plants and something else.

Stage 2: The town of Ultar
Enemies: plants, turrets? and something else.
Boss: Atal, the patriarch.

The pipes themselves aren't as important, imho.

Just having a shmup where you control the height of the ship by tapping a button, instead of using a d-pad, will make for a very different game.

It's like a cross between a swimming-Mario-Level, Flappy Bird and a shmup.

Good luck with the game!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Call me ishmael, i mean, tibone. Yeah, tibone is fine.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

No, it's been a long while since i've done any jam. I plan on finishing something. At least 2 levels of something. My reason for joining is getting back into hobbyst gamedev.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I love old Sega games. outrun, space invaders, galaxy force, after burner and a lot of old shmups, stuff like raiden, thruxton, gradius, etc.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

you can check what i did in my website: http://www.classicgames.com.br/games (i worked on stuff before using several engines, either my own custom engine (in basic, vb, c, etc) or using gamemaker, stencyl, etc.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

videogame music. i'm obsssed with it. recorded many covers of my favorite tracks. 

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Finishing something.

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

Keep it simple. After you mastered simple, then try to expand on it.