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This is phenomenal. I love it. 

Thank you so much!

This is a fun concept and I'm happy you posted here.

This is a super cute concept.  Definitely a fun take on an old classic.

Very pretty. The idea of a platformer where you don't see the player character is kinda awesome.

I went back and tested, and same here. I think Right does both jump and right? A/D/W works though.

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The perfect number of colors, i.e. all of them :-D. Reminds me of that time on the playa when [redacted]....

Very relaxing and super cute. Bats are so wonderful! They're often demonized and made out to be spooky and I'm just  so happy here you get to be the bat and eat tasty insects.

I love spiders so much. I am sad there wasn't an option for a peaceful resolution. I am of course kidding, good work!

Finally a vampire game I can relate to! Cute mechanic and premise. I also love when a game has an ending.

Relaxing and beautiful. I love the idea that you're motivation for continuing to play is seeing a gorgeous image. Quite unique.

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The characters are adorable and I think this is a great interpretation of the theme with a fun mechanic.

This was the first horror game I ever played! I never thought it would be at TriJam.

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I cried out at one point when I turned around and there was a ghost behind me. Good job!

It's actually kind of dark when you stop to think about it.

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This is brilliant. I love the creepy laughter and jester premise.

Thank you for the feedback. I wish you the best.

Thank you :-) 

Thank you! I'm on the fence whether or not to try to flesh it out and fix some of the issues.

If you play the upgraded version they linked to elsewhere, it has a better difficulty curve and by the end of it you have far more control over the physics when you come back to this one. 

Yay! Beat it! I love the demons. It was quite enjoyable and I definitely had a "I must beat this" feeling engage.

This is adorable and hilarious. Great job!

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I love this concept and the mechanics (zooming out is especially neat). I'm realizing our games (for Trijam-166) have something in common: your own weapon is what defeats you. Perhaps it's just that I'm in a mood this weekend where everything feels like a metaphor.

Thank you! I agree about the cooldown timer or similar mechanism. One thing I was thinking was having the enemy have an invincibility timer after being hit where it can't take damage BUT still turns the missiles hostile. It would make the gun upgrades a disadvantage which is what I was originally aiming for.

And yeah, I enjoyed writing the ending. It's kind of a tongue-in-cheek morality tale. Notice how YOU are the last opponent you face. 

I never figured out how to use my weapon upgrades though.

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Wooo! Beat it! I love when there's an ending in these games. Great job whipping up the assets in short order. I love the simplicity of the graphics and UI is very clean. 

Slick! Fun, simple, and cohesive.

Awesome and completely gorgeous.

hmmm.... I collided with one to pick it up and then went back to the base, but there was no indication they had returned. Is colliding with them not how you pick them up?

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One issue I'm seeing is that when I pick up/rescue the spelunkers the counter doesn't increment. This is great, though.

Cute! I'm finding it very difficult and hard to control, but honestly I can't stop playing. Good job!

Brilliant idea!

Super fun and gorgeous. 

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That was fun! Good job :-)