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I'm waiting to hear what the theme is so I can start THINKING about what it'll take to build. haha


It’s a lot more fun on a phone 

It works a lot better now.  What game engine is that running?  

I don't think I nailed it as much as I stole liberally from it.  ;) 

Really, it looks more like an Atari 5200 / 800 game than a 2600 game if you think about it too much like I have.  lol 

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You were playing an old build.  I updated the site with a new one just moments ago, and also uploaded a video showing you how to play it if you're still confused.  :) 

The launcher works like a slingshot. Don't click on the shooter, but in the upper right corner of the screen, then pull down and to the left then release to shoot.  

Congrats on making something fun enough to play for a couple of levels!

I don't know what I was supposed to do.  It let me pick a character, then just showed their arms going back and forth.  :( 

This didn't work for me in Chrome.   I tried it in Firefox and just like the warnings - it moves like molasses.  Sorry dude.  :( 

Well that works! ;D

The more I think about the rules, the less I understand how this could work at all.  How can you remix a game  without using assets from the game to make it obvious what you're doing? 

Bleh - not stealing assets puts a real crimp on my idea.  lol

hahaha weird game.  Definitely need to make sure the goals aren't occluded by other objects in the next version.  

Bringing more memes into the game would be fun.  Good effort.  :)

Not a bad effort.  :) 

Pretty decent effort, and you guys obviously managed to fit some of the stupid Shack memes into the game.  Definitely the most polished entry in the Jam.  Nice job!

I need a readme.txt or something to tell me what to do in the game.  Sorry!  Kind of cool I got to fire up my Oculus Rift for one of these.  :) 

I did terrible.  Tapping out Guitar Hero on a keyboard - rough times. haha

Hey! This is actually a game.  I wish it supported a gamepad.  :D 

I suck at this game.  I couldn't survive long at all.  :/  

I hope I'm not missing something obvious, but I don't get how this fits in with the theme at all.  Sorry.