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yeah maybe I had to explain wall Jumping a bit... but Thx you liked it.

good game, will really work well on mobile.

That intro tho, great job!

Thanks for your comment and sure!

I really liked the teleportation game machinic, great job! with a bit of polish I really think this could be a great mobile game.

Really nice game, nice visuals and an overall great game, good job.

Nice game I like the controlles of your little space ship thingy and like how the music ramps up farter you go.

It fits the theme nicely great job!

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I just really like the looks of this game just quite funny, great game!

Cool game, really like the looks of the two ducks. And how the teleport really fits the theme. 

2 main thing you could improve it more of a tutorial at first I didn't know what to do, and the controlles feel  a bit stiff maybe make them a bit more pleasant

Nice game, It has quite a steep learning curve but when you get it, it's really enjoyable and got a nice use of the Theme of the game jam. Oh, and the aesthetics are pretty.

Cool game, I like the feel of the game how sombre and maybe kinda scary it is. The sound does fit nicely with the aesthetic. but the sound effects (mainly the gun) can get boring over time.

Thanks for your reply, I will look into if moving the portal the shift key and making space jump is a good idea (or if not make them rebindable).

Nice game and the theme fits perfectly, I also really like the art style of the game, good job! the only small thing that could be better is the controls feel a bit stiff sometimes(but overall good game).

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No you cant add a new file to the project because the game jam rating period isnt over yet, but it was definitely fun making :D


So I wanted to at broser support for my game because why not. So I whent to my itch page and wanted to replace the game file with webGL because i'm stuppid and thought that was allowed but when I deleted the file I coulndt reupload a new fill because offcource you can't. So now I have a finished game but no way of showing it...

Shit I deleted my game file and cant add it back because of the game jam :/

Liked the idea of a kite that you have to rewind and I liked the music.

the controls felt a bit stiff but overall a great game!

it's a really short game because I couldn't work on the game for 3 days because of personal reasons

Thanks you liked it! tell my when your game is done I want to see it.

Nice game I played it with my little sister and she liked it alot! She thought it was one of the funniest games she has ever played.

Thanks you. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

I know it would be better if the entering and exiting key where F. But when i did that i got a little bug and because the short time span it was simpler to make the exiting key E. 

the game is not finished yet, but that is because I was busy at school, and that is just a bit more important:) but i hope you like it

i like it:)

nice game

i have it, thx for your time

thank you!

if i open it i get a notepad with random letters

I get a file but cant open it

i cant play it

i like it

its hard i got stuck to