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Thanks for playing! If we had more time, I'm sure we probably would have implemented one :P

Thanks a bunch! We meshed really well as a team and we're pretty happy with it. There are places we probably could have been more forgiving, but you definitely feel hatred towards humans by the end of it :P

Thanks for playing! Yup, humans are dumb and stubborn :P

Yeah, we really cut it down to the wire, so bugs and design oversights were bound to happen. I think the issue with the collisions has partially to do with other objective collisions being to close to each other. And the warping around on the wrong side of the rooms were fixed at one point, but I think something wrong happened when we were merging the scene. I'll definitely try to get more eye balls on our game though. Thanks for playing!

Really cute art. Took a bit to figure out the controls, but was good once I got a grasp of things. Good work!

Was hard to gauge what each potion did, but is a neat idea.

What an excellent little game! Love the tone and presentation. Really took a unique take on the theme!

Would switch at the worst times, but it was a good choice to keep the random inputs all in the some configuration. Good job!

10/10 opening cinematic. Felt like if sonic was a car. Good stuff!

Cute game! Not sure why they all caught on fire, but I had a good laugh.

Such a cute game! Love the idea of the robot gaining free will and trying to kill itself, gave me a good laugh. Good work!

Car got stuck on the squares really frequently, but looks super clean and is a fun little concept. Cool stuff!

Love the aesthetic! Gives off an almost grungy tron vibes. Not too sure how it fits the theme of the jam, but cool none the less. Good job!

Interesting concept. The intense randomness of the grapple direction kind of made progression feel nearly impossible, though it did feel good when it got to the perfect spot and was able to control fall to the correct spot. Good job!

I laughed seeing that this game had extensive graphic settings. Camera was angled down way too much, but I enjoyed figuring out the controls. A shame there was no way to quickly flip back up. Good job!

Really liked the twist of paying to keep abilities at the end of each level. Adds a nice amount of strategy, weighing which abilities to keep between each level. Good job!

Cute game! Enjoy the 4th wall breaking stuff.

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Interesting! I feel it has a pretty loose connection to the theme. The WASD controls do not work for me, and the white spikes are really hard to see as the blend into the ground. Having the wall grab on a separate button feels a bit fumbly when trying to navigate the other controls. Other than that, a nice little platformer!

Cool theme! Really wracked my brain trying to stay orientated. Good work!

Really love the concept! Turns a simple platformer into something that requires a lot of planning. Good job!

Very polished and simple. Good job!

Really polished! Don't have a second player to play it with, but it's a cool concept! Took a little bit to figure out, as the icons use arrows to represent the buttons, but you end up reading the "up" icon for going down, for example.

Couldn't find your game on LDJam (was using the random game finder, and you can't go back and have no history), but I wanted to comment that I loved the audio and the art was really great! Still not to sure if I was playing it properly, and it took my awhile to figure out what the controls were, but I enjoyed my time playing it.

Keep up the good work!