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Do you have Java installed? You need it to run the game.

I'm using Windows 10, so idk what the problem would be

It's fun that the physics change, but they don't change in a consistent pattern which makes it hard to plan ahead

It's pretty hard, but it's fun

The HUD is cut off the screen for me. I use a 1440x900 monitor, so I think that's the problem.

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Yeah, I added the closeness points because it gives the player an incentive to not just sit back and shoot the enemies from afar, and instead go straight in and kill them close-up. With the caps locks thing, with the way Processing (the thing I used to make this) works 'a' and 'A' are considered different things. I could fix it, but I don't see it as big enough of an issue. Anyways, thank you for playing!

The game doesn't start

I like how in this game the player creates their own problems, so the intensity goes up naturally

I think some of the games (like the matching card game) are too complex for the 10 seconds you have doing them but otherwise the game is great

Pretty fun, interesting idea with the dialogue aspect of it

I found out which one I was but I wasn't sure what to do next

Definitely fits the theme, it is very easy to lose control of your ship. Somewhat fun

Thanks for the feedback! I'll admit I forgot to test potions... and for the rooms with the impossible-to-access key, the way it's done I can't really fix it. (That's the reason you can buy boulders in the shop) And the rooms with no key, I haven't even encountered that glitch in testing.

Try getting a newer JVM... and if that doesn't work then I don't know

Pretty fun! The ghost movement is a bit clunky though. Maybe make the arrow spin slower?

The gameplay is... well it isn't bad. But the graphics are terrible.


I didn't even know you could combine horror and typing

The only problem with the game is that you can go in a circle around the map and easily rack up a lot of points.

Other than that, pretty fun game!

Probably sandbox