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Played for way too long. Managed 9.42s then decided I should probably stop! 😅 Really nice feel to the controls.

Only thing I'd note is that with an Xbox controller on Windows with the wireless dongle, jump is X/Y, whereas I'd expect it to be Adidn't stop it being fun though, obviously🙂

Yeah, others have pointed this out already - we just hadn't realised, but at least we know for the future. Thanks for persevering with it though! 😁

Thanks  😁 Glad you enjoyed it. Ben did a great job of the music and SFX  😊

Thanks, that's very kind of you to say  😃

 We'll take 8/10, Thanks 😁

We went through quite a few iterations of the beam sound, so I'm glad you liked that 😁

Yeah that sucks. Sorry about that, we had no idea 😟

A lovely relaxing game to spend some time in, and I love your art style. 🙂

Thanks Vulpes -  We were a little worried the rising water level would be too hard and put people off, so I'm really glad that a) you were able to get through it and b) you liked it!

Oh no - I can already tell that's gonna go straight to our artists head! 😂

Sorry guys - we hadn't thought about non-English keyboards (bit of a d**k move on our part I guess). The rules of the jam don't allow us to change it until voting's over either, sadly.

Is it just that the semi-colon is in the wrong place?

Thanks for playing! 😊 Yeah it's pretty tricky, but we think it's worth playing to the end if you get time - the last few levels get really interesting.

Hopefully it's a bit easier to figure now we've added the controls to the description.

Thanks 😊 The controls are in the description now - good idea!

Thanks - glad you liked it! 🙂 Sorry about the SFX - we didn't get a lot of time to balance them. I bet it was the talking one that was annoying, right?  😅

Haha, yeah we wanted that to be a very quick way to make the point that the story's in control, not the player 🙂 Cheers

Thanks for your comment 🙂 I think shuffling the options would be a great idea!

Thanks 😃 Yeah trial and error is definitely our intention - Our hope is that you start off wanting to go on a quest,  die, and quickly realise that's not how you're supposed to play the game.

Hopefully the silly deaths made up for the frustration 😅

Awesome game. Feels just frantic enough without being impossible. My high score was 6. Definitely think it needs some way of stopping you from leaving your bullet behind in a previous level though! Nothing worse than a game making you play past the point when you know you're basically already dead lol. Seriously though, well done - it's a great game :)

I think it could work better if you had one prominent button to move on to the next level / reload. I found I kept completing a level, then pressing r instead of e - maybe it could just be space to do either of those depending on the context? Great little game otherwise though :)

I did it! :D

My submission: A platformer with only one jump (but a really long jump arc)

For mine the intention was Only One Jump, but I ended up having Only One Screen (per level) and Only One Platform

In the past I've been guilty of entering jams with an idea in mind and then altering it to fit the theme, but this time this time my whole idea came purely from the theme. I guess that makes it a good theme 😁

Awesome game - very addictive. I can't seem to win, but I'm gonna try again after dinner - I'm determined to do it!

Oh btw, one small thing - your intro screen says press Q, but I think it's meant to say press D

Cool idea :D Really have to think about how to move left!

btw the music's cool too - really fits well with the visual style :)

Haha, this is a great idea! Definitely confusing at first, but one I got it I really enjoyed this :)

Very nice. Some really well thought out challenges in there - Probably the best GMTK jam game I've played so far :)

One small point - space bar and up both jump, but space doesn't jump very high. I spent a couple of mins trying to figure out how I could jump higher lol

Nice little game :) I went down the "only one jump" route too. It's interesting how different our two games are.

Coooool! I enjoyed that! Only being able to spawn one box at a time really makes you think when you get top the lasers :)

Cool game :) Took me a minute or so to work out what was going on, but once I had it was great fun :D

Thanks :) Glad you mentioned SFX, because I had to upgrade to a newer version of Unity just to get them to work in the browser (which wasn't ideal in the middle of a jam lol)

<30 is pretty respectable!

I'd say yes - it's just a tool, after all 🙂

I actually ended up trying to see how long I could keep the square blocked behind the paddle. More fun than you'd think! :)

Loved this - really simple gameplay, but that's great because it makes way for everything else to really shine. The artwork and music are brilliant :)

Hi, I'm kind of new here - I've played games on the site before, but not posted anything. I'm posting a game I've been working on for the last year or so, in the hope that I can get some constructive feedback on what works, what doesn't work etc.

It's a strategy game, where you control a virus cell. You go around turning healthy cells into more virus cells, which then follow you around and help.

It's currently in open beta on Android, and you can read more about the game itself, and find a link to it on Google Play, here:

The Game's Origin:

I started work on this because I haven't come across many mobile strategy games that I really like - most seem to be free to play with loads of IAPs, which I'm personally not too keen on. Eufloria is a good example of strategy done right on mobile, but the levels are fairly long, and I tend to find I play in short sessions on my phone. So, I came up with Outbreak, which has short but (hopefully) challenging and interesting levels. This is just an early demo at this stage, so there are currently only 8 levels.