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You can unlock New Game+ by beating the game. But if you already beat the game before de 1.4 update, you can either finish the game again or enable it manually.

Steps to do so: 

1. Put on your hacker hat IRL (Mandatory! Send me a a picture!)¹

2. Locate your save files folder: - For linux is ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/Trapers Platformer/ - For windows is %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/godot/app_userdata/Trapers Platformer

3. Create a new file and name it (file extension is important too!) 

4. Put the following contents in it: 


5. Save the file and start a new game plus!


¹: Not really mandatory!

Since itch does not support achievements, there's no way to check if the game was already finished in a previous save. So you can still force the game to unlock NG+!

Steps to do so:
1. Put on your hacker hat IRL (Mandatory! Send me a a picture!)

2. Locate your save files folder:
- For linux is ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/Trapers Platformer/
- For windows is %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/godot/app_userdata/Trapers Platformer

3. Create a new file and name it (file extension is important too!)

4. Put the following contents in it:

5. Save the file and start a new game plus!

Thank you so much!👏

I just didn't think this genre was gonna be my cup of tea at first, but there's lots of work behind this and it shows, and I was surprised I ended up replaying so many times!

Hi! I spent a couple of hours playing this. I was unsure at first, but the game is just pure fun! Keep up the good work my friend!

Thanks for the feedback! That's fair, this gameplay style is a bit hit or miss and  I may have to rethink if the first section of the game is the best to showcase its potential (too few powerups and general variety to play with).

Regarding the controls, you are right, maybe some visual tips here and there scattered through the first level wouldn't hurt :)

That's true! And it's already more than a week after the release!

Cool! But why?

It should be obvious for a relatively unknown developer that a demo is usually a chance to gain some trust. Specially when the screenshots and trailers are unable to reflect how the gameplay really feels.

Stupendous! but where?

You can try the first 20 minutes or so and decide how you feel about the game. Download the demo right from the project page:

Thanks again for your feedback! Regarding the thunder rod, it does actually hurt the orcs, but it does only 1 hp damage so beating the big ones would take forever. The flying skulls and a couple of bosses are immune to physical damage, so in these situations you'll need to use the rod (or, spoilers ahead, the fourth weapon you can get if you saved the imprisoned orcs and retrieved their map as a reward), (end of spoilers) but most of the time the sword will be the best fit if you got the upgrades, or even the gun when you want to deal with lesser enemies from a distance.

Hi, thanks for your input! Don't worry about the save, it's in a safe location and it is compatible with both versions. Not sure about the resizing issue, I will have to test in a similar setup, but the new version is still worth a try since it improves controller support and fixed a bug that may appear in an optional quest.

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm planning on uploading some minor updates and fixes asap, so I really appreciate it. Does the same happen when resizing the window, or just in full screen?

Edited: I just uploaded version 1.1.2, which should solve the gamepad stick issues (I tested on a ps5 controller and steam controller, I should get an xbox one in the near future).

I think the black screen issue should be fixed by now, but otherwise I'd like to know if something else is running that may be trying to capture the full screen (obs studio is an usual suspect), or any extra information you could share (OS version, graphics card, etc)

Thanks again!

Trapers Platformer

Sorry, I forgot to reply! Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you.

It's this one, but I thought other users may be wondering the same. Since these contents are somewhat just for completeness I thought it could be wiser to postpone them in favor of visibility, but after thinking about it for a bit, I think I should just deliver as much info and content as I can.

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Hello there!

I published my first paid project about 10 days ago.

I've read the docs as well as many other threads asking "how long will it take for my game to be indexed?" so I'll just wait a little longer. But I also read some actions may delay the review further back the queue. What actions could these be?

While my game gets indexed I was thinking of doing some of the following things, but I'm wondering if they'll delay the indexing or the game may get unlisted again if I do them later:

- adding additional screenshots

- adding some extra information to the game description, such as controls

- adding an external store link (google play, steam, etc)

- uploading new files, such a manual or a demo


Cool N64 vibes!

Trapers Platformer

Trapers Platformer

The evil god of blood has been defeated! But his minions are eager to take his place! Tortuga, an amnesiac mutant turtle seems to be the only one able to do something about it. The enemies are numerous, powerful and quite motivated. But fear not! You'll make all kind of allies along the way, and fetch lots of cool and useful items, and a bunch of weapons across your main quest as well as many hidden places!

Trapers Platformer is a metroidvania-ish platformer with a weird in a charming way style. It features
- cute hand drawn graphics
- a main story and a bunch of side quests
- many unique items and weapons to collect. Including an secret pizza!
- a huge cast of NPCs, including a friendly talking crocodile!
- lots of levels with different atmosphere and enemies to deal with

You can download Trapers Platformers for Windows and Linux! Go on a quest to save the Island of Montaña Clara and its inhabitants from the bad guys!