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The sound was great, it added to the tension

I can't access the game page. It's password protected

My highscore was 136 seconds. The physics felt realistic even when the leaves fall.

It reminds me of those memory games with cards that I used to play and it's nice that you added a little story.

It looks great! Keep up the work.

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Well done on getting first! I guess that means you're the best in the world.

I really enjoyed playing this game

Great game!

I really like the idea and the puzzles were fun but I found it awkward that I had to press Q every time to finish the level.


I like the idea of the tasks but they feel very repetitive after a while.

Yeah, I was in a rush when creating the platformer movement but I tried my best with balancing the movement for the game.

I wanted to make a progress bar for the timer and power ups but I didn't have enough time, also I made it so when you press the escape key it will just return you to the main menu, although thanks for playing my game.

It's not fun when there is no one else to play with, maybe you could make a single player mode, but I could imagine this would be fun if there were two people playing this.

When the game ended I couldn't figure out a way to reset the game, other than that it's a good game.

The music is really good

The game doesn't run natively on linux but it is marked as linux. I did enjoy playing the game.

I couldn't find out the controls to sort the green items in the middle so I would just lose everytime a green item was there.

Ah okay.

When you press the key it makes the player fall faster so maybe that's why you couldn't jump, I'll also have a closer look at why the space key wasn't working sometimes. What level did the player fly through the walls?

I was initially thinking about adding two seconds to the timer when the player reaches the checkpoint but it's always interesting to see what other people think.

I really enjoyed making those levels .

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Thank you

Thanks for playing the game. You just reminded me that I forgot to put how the game links to the theme on the page.

Yes, you can use it for as many projects as you want, you can also share it with other developers. If you do use it in a project it would be nice to give attribution but it's not requried.

I got the bad ending.

Thanks. I only spent a few minutes working on the truck movement.

It's a great game but I think it needs more levels and a tutorial.

I changed it from 1024 x 768 to 1280 x 720. Now it works.

I can move but I can't see my character.


Great game. You should add a level counter somewhere to show what level you're on.

Thanks! That was actually a bug, I left it in there because I was too lazy to fix it.

The game is fun and really good for a beginner, but gets boring after a while. I suggest after 30 seconds the speed of the bombs should increase and the game should auto restart after you lose.

If that one can work as an executable file on Windows then yes.