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Hello, I'd like to include BOOM BOOM BOVINE, an arcade game. Game page:

Okay, we are officially done! Here are all the receipts:





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Hi folks, the bureaucratic nightmare is over (I'll talk more about this in another post) and I finally got the money which was $627 AU. I already donated to two of the charities, but the First Nations one is no longer accepting donations.

I contacted the organiser of it to see if there are any others he recommends, but there are also these ones below. If we have to choose another, is there one people particularly prefer?

Let me know, and I apologise for how long this took. It has been incredibly frustrating for me, trust me.

UPDATE: Still having trouble getting the money. The good news is that we'll be getting more of the actual funds because I cleared away some red tape. The money will also help people left vulnerable to Coronavirus due to the bushfires.

But of course, we actually need the money to make this happen. I'll be escalating the issue in two days if I don't hear anything, but it's tricky as I don't know how has been hit by the virus, too. But it's been almost a month since I requested the money.

I apologise to everyone for taking so long to sort this out. It's been frustrating for me too, and I look forward to finally wrapping it up and getting the money to where it's needed.

Hi all, it's over! Will donate the money soon, just trying to work out some issues with I will post receipts in here.

If you have any questions in the meantime, ask here!

One week left until the bundle ends! As of writing, we've raised just over $700 AUD. Let's make one final push and try to get to $1000!

Really enjoyed this! Can get stressful, which I assume was the intent, haha. In space, no one can here you stress out.

This game is adorbs. Love the chill vibe.

This is a really cool game, great atmosphere.

This is some great dark satire!

Really enjoyed this historically informative adventure!

This was a really delightful game!

Here it is folks! Spread the word!

Thank you once again to everyone who contributed!

Hi there, please approve the bundle so we can move forward! Click on the following link and approve it, unless you have any issues, in which case please contact me!

Hi there, please approve the bundle so we can move forward! Click on the following link and approve it, unless you have any issues, in which case please contact me!

Hi Grace, please approve the bundle so we can move forward!

BUT! Let me know if you're still keen, we can try to work something out!

Would love another fellow trainwrecker in here!

Sorry :( I made a thread about finalising all the charities. No one said anything, so I just went with the ones I suggested in the thread: 

The Australian Red Cross (Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund)  
World Wildlife Fund (Help Save Koalas Fund) 
Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities

In theory you could still make a game, but it would have to be very quick so I don't think that would be fair to you

I was actually also thinking of picking an Indigenous-specific one! The charities aren't final yet, I'll try to get things locked in early next week, pending approval from the majority of participants. 

The jam is free form, use whatever you like! I'm using Unity, but things like Twine or Game Maker are perfectly acceptable too. As long as it allows you to release games for money (as we're raising money with the bundle), it should be fine. If there is a specific engine you're unsure of, just ask here, or ask me directly.

Hi there, you can still create and submit games even if you don't have payment options set up! The comment about games having to be paid ones only applies to titles previously released, as we don't want the bundle to be filled with freeware games already widely available. This means the other game you made wouldn't be appropriate for the bundle, even if it's bushfire-themed. Perhaps we can shout it out, though!

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A fellow developer gave me the heads up that he's been invited by Humble Bundle to contribute to a bushfire charity bundle they're doing! Just wanted to not let this announcement to discourage anyone here. After all, the more people raising money for charity, the better, and it's safe to assume that we're doing something quite different to them!