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Australian Bushfire Charity Jam Bundle!

A bundle hosted by The Neon Infinite with content from 15 creators.
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This bundle ended 2020-02-28T13:30:00Z.

Parts of Australia are experiencing disastrous bushfire activity. 10 million hectares have burned, and more continues to burn. Many people have lost their homes, thousands of animals are displaced or have perished, and many of the firefighters are volunteers who are saving the country unpaid.

To try to help, game makers developed games over two weeks or (sometimes much) less, to be sold in a bundle. This is that bundle! It features 14 jam games, plus five previously released commercial games:

Magic Wand
Gyossait Deluxe Edition
WilliU: The Big GetBack
Slippery Sausage

The bundle costs $3, though you can choose to donate more! 100% of the proceeds will be going to the following charities to help those affected by the bushfire crisis:

The Australian Red Cross (Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund) 
World Wildlife Fund (Help Save Koalas Fund)
Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities

Thank you for your support, and please spread the word around!

A NOTE: For those who are unfamiliar with game jams, the resulting games can sometimes feel short or lacking features. This is because they are created in a very small amount of time by one person or a small team, and with no budget. Please keep this in mind, though some developers have expressed desire to expand on their games developed for the jam!

Includes the following items:

At $3.00 or above

Gyossait for Windows plus additional content, All Of Our Friends are Dead, AuSable, and The Hunt
Text Adventure Game inspired by Cask of Amontillado
magic wander
Role Playing
A singleplayer co-op platformer hiding a very special message
Slip 'n' slide in this frantic arcade game!
Grease the wheels of democracy with your very own sausage sizzle.
Take a tour of the east coast of Australia with our most famous drover.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Dive, dodge, and destroy!
Live the life of a ferocious Aussie drop bear!
Let your human sleep as you fight the dreadful nightmares!
Platformer Game in the style of an Atari Game
Survive the drop bear assault for as long as you can!
Collect leaves, buzz off bugs!
Made in a week for the Australian Bushfire Charity Jam.
Your spaceship was hit by an asteroid. Can you repair it before your systems fail?
Play in browser
Become a lyrebird and manipulate unsuspecting humans by mimicking sounds.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
a perfectly normal day in australia!
A happy game about murdering cane toads with Newton's second law of motion.