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The game's good. I don't know what else to tell you. It good.

I spent far too long with this

For #1, another option is always to make a one button only game

It wasn't bad, the controls felt a tad stiff and fast. The bouncing bullets was neat, however the limited nature forced me to shoot slowly and precisely which slowed down the pace. I enjoyed the audio and the visuals as well. All in all, good job!

This was pretty good. The art and music was good, but I could not figure out the controls. I tried WASD and D moved me down, and I was very confused.

This is a pretty difficult game, though I really liked it. I never used the dash though, I didn't feel as though I needed it. I do like that the pattern was the same every time so I could memorize what to do.

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I would love to use DontDestroyOnLoad... but I used Godot and I don't know how to do that there.

This game was amazing. The waves were neat, but the powerups really made it great. I ended up making a "damage prone" build, almost all thing benefited if I took a hit. The only complaint is that the pendent that creates a heart when you use confine is broken, you can't actually pick up the heart.

This took me a while to get through but I'm glad I played this. This was incredibly fun and for me at least really hard. You did really well with the mouse movement and I love the little story.

It is hard to believe that this a jam game. This feels like a game that took months of effort and I should be paying for. I love the variety of rooms. The music is great. The only complaint I could make is that the door hitboxes felt too big, but I also had the tendency to rub against the walls to avoid bullets.

Oh okay, the confinder wasn't quite clicking with me how it worked. I am glad you explained it, it was a whole lot more fun know that I knew.

This game was a blast to play! I like the idea and the patterns, especially later on were phenomenal. The music was fun to listen to. I really liked it.

This game was quite fun. My favourite feature is how you can create your own classes as you go. The weapon variety was quite nice, as well as boss pattern variety. My biggest comment is that attacking the bosses did not have much feedback.

This game is absolutely amazing. I love the visuals! The music is incredible! The idea of a farming simulator and bullet hell is incredibly creative. I would say a complaint if I had one.

I knew of the bread but I did not know of the vicious bagels too. The music was fun and funky. I really liked the patterns. The only bit that I did not like was the 3rd phase of the bread, the way it bocks your attacks, I found tedious. Otherwise, amazing game.

This is a pretty fun game. It is a very unique take on the confined theme with the prison setting. I like the narration at the beginning. There was two main issues I ran into, the first was that placing turrets was rather inconsistent with working, the second thing is the music, I was not a huge fan of the music. Those issues aside, this was quite fun. I liked seeing what each of the turrets did.

This game is absolutely amazing! I love Simon, he is adorable. I like the story and the references to other games. This game is great. The only complaint I could make is that the bullet patterns are not very varied.

I really liked this game. The way you implemented the theme to be confined in a maze is amazing. I like the bullet patterns and collectable. I really liked the music, it was very funky and I love it. My only complaint is that once you start moving there is a delay for when you start and so I found myself running into bullets.

The game is quite fun and satisfying. The visuals are amazing as well as the feedback and juice. I like the combat, it was fun and engaging. The only problem was that one bug I told you about with the Maw.

The game was quite fun. I was not expecting the themes it had (though I would have known if I read the game page first). The grazing system felt a bit awkward to me, though getting to annihilate my enemies was incredibly satisfying.

I like the idea of the game. You can select an ability and you can also only move in one direction. There were some issues however. I did not know which direction could go in without pressing random buttons. I like the shotgun. The shotgun is great.

The music and visuals were incredible. I loved the use of theme in the setting. This game is incredible. The only thing I can say is that either it was a bug or there isn't a level end. I got to an area in the first level where for 30 seconds nothing happened and I assumed it was the end and went to the next. In the end, I loved the game a lot.

I really liked how having to stab the boss encouraged a risky behavior. I found myself dodging and weaving in close quarters and really enjoyed it. The visuals, particularly the pumpkin, are fantastic. My biggest complaint is that the boss does not have much variation in attacks (though I also died a lot so maybe I just didn't live long enough to see it).

I did enjoy the game, the bullet patterns were interesting and kept me on my toes. The idea of moving your mouse to move is not one I have seen. My main complaint is that sitting under that barrier left me not moving or doing much which started to get boring. There was also a strange bug where sitting at the bottom causes you to not shoot bullets.

The game was quite fun to play. The idea of manipulating bullets with black holes is very unique. I did find that the boundaries of the area were unclear until you right up against them, this led me trapped against walls a lot of the time with little idea of where I am.

It was very fun to play. I love the boss themes, most notably the French person was amusing. The bullet patterns were very clear and fun to dodge. My only complaints are that it was a little confusing what triggered the walls, as well as it was unclear where the hitbox was outside of focus mode which made it confusing to dodge.

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Thank you so much!

Not bad. I love the graphics, it gives me claymation vibes. Though the game itself is not the most intuitive and it is rather buggy. Was the starting area meant for testing? Couldn't tell what they were for.

Not bad but enemies spawn too quickly, so in a mere second it becomes overwhelming.

The jittery thing might be on your end as I have never noticed it or had comments about it. The hugging the wall I believe has to do with move_and_collide() in Godot being weird. The moving platforms would be impossible without redoing the movement system which is also why being on the pistons is jittery.


I loved the idea but sadly it has a lot of flaws. The transparent arrows are a little hard to see, would be nice if they were filled in. The arrows did not match the rhythm very well so it felt a tad chaotic. The enemies also kept using cure which was really annoying tedious, I do damage and then they are back to full. The music was a tad repetitive. Though, in the end, I had a good time! Good Job!

The arrows did not appear to match the music in the slightest so it made the arrows feel much more random.

I loved the game but the beat gets inconsistent at times or just feels off which makes the jumps at least extremely difficult to time.

The only complaint I can make was that the crystals blended in too much with slimes and mushrooms.

Terrible remake, not even faithful to the original level design

Atleast you have good music taste but I thought boxy from Harmonious Foundry's jump sucked.