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I'll review your game right away!  :)

My game is a platformer, where the basis is that you need to use your deaths to your advantage.

Web version:

My game is a platformer, where the basis is that you need to use your deaths to your advantage.

Web version:

I just rated your game 5/5 on all   :)

Game: “You Die

Link above, thanks so much!

I just rated your game  :)

Game: “You Die

Link above, thanks for doing this!

Game: “You Die

Link above, thanks for doing this!

I will play and rate your game right now!

it’s more of an obstacle to avoid

That is really interesting... I’ve never seen that happen, and I’m not quite sure what is happening.  First, make sure you just extract the zip file, and don’t take anything out, just run the You Die.exe

I did exactly your last idea right after the submission time ended, so I couldn’t implement it  :(

But yeah a skip animation button for super long ones would be perfect!

Thanks, you too!

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every frame, I store the position in a list of vectors, so the list will have all of the positions when the player dies, then it creates a “ghost” player that just sets its position to the corresponding place in the list throughout time.

Basically, it stores the positions in a list, then a ghost player receives that list and sets its position to the opposite of where it was in the first one so it goes backwards.

sorry that was not a compact explanation :)

Tell me if you need me to explain it better haha

Lol the purple potion prevents you from jumping, you can read more about it in my description.  Thanks for playing, though!

Thanks!  Those are really good ideas!  Remember to rate!  :)

Thanks! Remember to rate it with this link: 


I will rate your game too!

These are both good feedback, thanks!

haha thanks

Remember to rate it!  =)

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Here is my submission, You Die!

If you play it, remember to rate it!  =)

It’s a platformer, but with a few new game mechanics.  This is also my first Game Jam, and despite Unity crashing, I am happy with the results I got in my limited time.

I will also play and rate any games you put links to below, so feel free!

Let the rating begin!

(Feedback other than “the rewind time is too long,” please  :)

Thanks!  Remember to rate  :)

Thanks!  I realized how slow it was just before I needed to submit it, so sadly I could not fix it before uploading.  I think it still turned out pretty good!

Thanks!  I'll rate yours too

Yay!  I will rate yours too!

Really great!  Only 5 rates??

Thanks!  I'll rate yours right now

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Thanks!  :)

Here is mine,  I will rate and play yours in just a second!


I have upvoted, may this message be spread far and wide

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Thanks!  :)

Here is mine!

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Here is mine!    :)

I will rate yours right away!

I'll do that right now!

This game has a unique take on the rewind, and it has a lot of levels, which is always good.

Sure!  I will do that right now

Yeah, its pretty good for that time limit!  Nice job!

Sure thing!

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Cool! I rated it

I'll test yours out right now!  :)

Thank you for doing this!  :)