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Amazing art style!!

Hey all! I am experienced gameplay programmer and with several years of experience. I have also done several games in the past, but most of them were solo projects.

So, for this jam, I am looking for a 2D artist to collaborate with. I don’t yet have a particular art style in mind, but it would be amazing if you like to draw detailed pixel art.

Feel free to send a message here or on Discord(TheKing0x9#0665)

You’re welcome😊!!

Thank you !!

Thanks a lot. This project wouldn’t have been possible without you :)

Thanks!! Adding a link to either GitHub or Itch( will be cool with me! Thanks again for this awesome shader!


Thanks a lot for this awesome shader. Amazed by the functionality it offers, I ported this shader over to Defold. Please check it out and let me know if I gave you proper credit, or is there something more you’d like to be added.

GitHub :

Thanks again :)

Really love the art style ❤️

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. We are working on fixing the switch in mid-air and balancing the gun enemy. Stay tuned for an update in a day or two

Exactly a game that I love to play. Awesome work guys!

Exactly a game that I love to play. Awesome work guys!

I can’t believe you guys made this in just 48 hours! Awesome visuals, awesome audio, awesome game. The puzzles were slightly difficult though!

I have to say that I liked the innovative idea and the beautiful way this game was put together

A very relaxing and beautiful game. I liked how the atmosphere, graphics, music, and gameplay were tied together. I hope you guys develop this game further post jam

This game is so awesome! Amazing work on the gameplay mechanics and progression.


Thank you for your feedback. Stay tuned for the even more awesome post-jam version!

Very grateful for your feedbacks and suggestions. We’ll try to implement as many of them as we can!

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll add more exciting features in this game post-jam, so stay tuned!


Whoa! This was a really detailed feedback. Thanks a lot for letting us know :)

We’ll tune down the difficulty soon


Thanks for the feedback! [And do tell us when you beat the hiscore 😜]

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

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May you find the knowledge you seek 😅

Thank you for the detailed feedback! We’ll take them into account in a post jam version, so stay tuned!

Thanks for your feedback!


You beat the developer’s hiscores 😅. There are some very interesting points you raised. We’ll take them into account in the Post Jam version

Thank you! We’ll surely keep working on it post jam

Thank you!

Agreed! Will be working on fixing that!

Thank you for your kind words! :)

Will do :) Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We have taken note if your points :)