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I liked the old game boy styled graphics and sound effects, shame the music wasn't totally retro, but at least it was a little. Very funny concept, but the player was odd to control since jumping didn't work while shooting. Also the restart didn't work for me either. Solid entry.

I would say that the theme idea was very good but was hindered by other things that were made unnecessarily complex. It should have just been dragging the level, no rotating or scaling. The objects should have been flat 2D with much simpler collision. I think this would have helped you avoid making the game feel buggy and weird. I was engaged enough to complete it though.

Well, you uhh, did it? You did fit the theme but I'll just be honest, the game wasn't very enjoyable . Since you only had text left to engage me after taking away the visuals, and it didn't in the first 2 minutes, I will say that taking away visuals was a mistake.

I encountered a bug where it fails constantly to load img/faces/Actor1.png when I trigger certain events like interacting with a key. But it seemed really cool, wish I could play more