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That sounds awesome! Thank you!

Hey, you might remember me from some of the first days you put this amazing game up on itch. I reccomended some of the things you implemented or are implementing (wether i had any part in your decisions i have no idea). I would like to congratulate you on how far you've gotten so far. I would also like to reccomend a couple of things for when you release this on steam. I would appreciate it if you would make it so us poor people could get a copy of your game on steam somehow. I would also like it if you could, when the game is stable on steam, to add steam workshop on it, so we can see what things other people want to add to the game. I personally would be thrilled if you did these things, but if you don't want to, i understand completely. Keep doing you!

I have a lot of resources and have almost all buildings, yet for some reason I cant figure out how to get gold or more workers. Help plz

Im relatively new here. Some feedback i would like to recommend is that food is very hard to come by. Bushes were great at the beginning and i got a farmer, but it takes forever for the food to grow. By the time I realized my city was starving, there was nothing I could do. I dont want anything game breaking, but I would like it if you could add an easier way to get food. Thank you for your consideration.

I see what he was going for when he added the weapon cap, but I agree it made the game MUCH harder. Maybe he could add difficulties with normal being no weapon cap, easy with no weapon cap and boosted stats for you, hard with weapon cap, and insane with weapon cap and boosted enemy stats. Thats my opinion, though im no game developer.

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This game is still awesome, but I cannot pass the first enemy on world 2. I cant get more floatrons because shops dont have it in my playthrough idk why and the first enemy had 4 dual mortars while I only had a small shield and a couple tertecions. I died. Horribly. Please fix so that you dont get end world enemies at the beginning of the world. maybe a more incremental system?

Because he didnt make an ending yet, the end boss is meant to be unkillable. The other guy here just got really lucky.

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Thanks! If eventually it goes on steam as a pay game, please send a key over to me. Im poor. :)

Also I got another thought, since flares are really usefull but never get used because your too busy mashing the other 8 buttons, maybe you should have the flares and gustin automatically fire at incoming bullets.

This is a great game! I think given some time and effort this could be the highest ranking free game on Itch! I would like to reccomend an Endless mode and the ability to make a home base or something that generates money  and/or resources to get more things for your war Island. Other than that, this game is AWESOME!

I played the game a bit, and I think it's pretty good. If you want to expand it in the future I bet you could make it into a space colonizing game or something like that. I hope you win!

Thanks! I was just asking because I placed a splitting stone, selected wood, then no one did anything. Thanks

Can you add a tutorial? I cant figure out how to assign jobs...

Can you add an option to change languages? It started english but the second I paused the game it was spanish. Cant figure out how to change it back. Thanks

This game is great so far! It is fun and a little addictive, even at this raw state. Add some things like houses, mines, farms, challenges, etc. and this game will be perfect! PS: keep the people, I like how they wobble around to walk PPS: If you ever make this game pay to play, please give me a free copy :) Thanks!

This game looks great, but make it compatible for windows so I can play!

Thanks! Cant wait to play!

I have windows, but the download links wont even let me click them.

Looks very interesting, but the download buttons aren't buttons for me. I don't know if it is paid for yet, or if it is just a bug. Please let me know, I would like to play (i'm broke though so I cant buy it even if I wanted to)