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The Black Beyond

A topic by meangames created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 223 Replies: 7
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Build a city in space

Deploy a fleet of worker drones to quickly mine resources and construct buildings. Defend your base with turrets (and eventually other gadgets) as you attract more and more residents. Expand in any direction, exploiting an infinite field of asteroids and comets. 

Download Now!

I've been working on the Black Beyond for about 6 months now, and development is ongoing every day. 

I am gladly offering the game for free download since it is still an alpha version. I'm very grateful for any feedback you are willing to provide! 

Nice video... Will not D/L. Using Linux.

Thanks. I will post a Linux build as soon as I can.

Hey there. I did add Linux to my build process. Every download really counts for me, if you want to check it out again :D

I have windows, but the download links wont even let me click them.

Ok, hope I can run it...

Was able to run it. My system specs are of an ITX nature by intention.   However, it ran outta the box!! This is good!!. But it would be a good idea to have quality settings and a window option in the future for lower-end machines.... UNITY does this  remarkably well as it enables just about every kind of system or machine to run a developed project within reason of the scope of the game and current hardware it runs with.  On my system I didn't have all the bells and whistles considering this project at hand.  But if it got off the ground with my ITX specs and ran without crashing. It definitely,  will make all the difference on a moderate or power driven configuration..... (SO, feel proud that it works outta the box so far...).

MY system specs:

Processor : 4x AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics
Memory : 3990MB (492MB used)
Machine Type : Physical machine
Operating System : Puppy Linux
Date/Time : Wed Feb  7 20:24:39 2018
Resolution : 1600x900 pixels
OpenGL Renderer : GeForce GT 720/PCIe/SSE2
X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation
-Audio Devices-
Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic
Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
Audio Adapter : PC-Speaker - pcsp
-Input Devices-
 Power Button
 Power Button
 USB Optical Mouse
 HD-Audio Generic Front Mic
 HD-Audio Generic Rear Mic
 HD-Audio Generic Line
 HD-Audio Generic Line Out
 HD-Audio Generic Front Headphone
 PC Speaker
 HDA NVidia HDMI/DP,pcm : 3=
 HDA NVidia HDMI/DP,pcm : 7=
-Printers (CUPS)-
CUPS-PDF : <i>Default</i>
-SCSI Disks-

Great! Thanks so much for taking the time to try it and report your system specs. It really does help me a lot, as I haven't had a lot of ability to test on Linux or on lower end machines. Thank!