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Has bad performance issues after a couples minutes.

The art looks great and i love the upgrade system

What does the temperature do?

I like how you made the music for the game. I think that the momentum on the player is a bit much, but its nice and simple


  • It is fun to build your own ship and fight other ships
  • the sounds are pretty good
  • the ship building UI is great


  • There isn't a real goal to work towards
  • the game gets very repetitive quickly
  • doesn't really follow the theme
  • the graphics are very bland and repetitive
  • you cant really doge the enemy bullets if this supposed to be a bullet hell

the background was really cool. It was easy to cheese points by lower the speed, moving out of the way and then increasing the multiplier. The bosses were cool. and having a leader board is a great idea. 

could share a link to the shaders that you used for the background

had a similar idea as you with choosing an upgrade and downgrade. Having the controls relative to which way you are facing doesn't work well in a top down perspective.

its a bit hard it tell if the bullet are gonna hit you can I would have liked a heath bar of some kind for the boss. Other than that, its great and I really liked chaining together multiple green bullets

The water whip was great, there wasn't much of a reason to use the other weapons because it took too long to switch. drinking the regeneration potion decreased you health 

Cool concept, you can kill most of the enemies before they see you, and there isn't much reason to explore the map instead of fighting the boss

I like the sprites but I feel that the enemies have too much health. I also think that getting hit to too punishing, and that there should be hit sounds. I also notices severe performance issues on the web version after playing for too long.

The controls aren't explained anywhere, the bullet patterns are hard to predict, it lasts for too long without changing.

I was going to add more levels and a cost for each monster but I ran out of time.

The third level never ends. otherwise its a great game and I like the art especially the comically large hammer that the farmer has

Hi. I got the earthquake relief bundle and was wondering how to get a steam key for this game.

Could I code the game in python and possibly have a .py download and a .exe download