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Thanks for getting back to me. The navigation sounds quite handy, I thought you had set the route manually.

I've been meaning to look at Godot for a while.

Yep I got the red targetting icon. What I mean was, rather than aiming at a person with the targeting icon, you need to guesstimate the direction to fire in. :) 

Got to the end :)

Fun experience, I liked how it automatically ran to the next spot. How did you achieve the running transition?

I found aiming a little hard as I didn't know where my mouse was.

Polished and quite fun :)

Loved the voice over 😄

You join nodes together with the veins.

You must connect at least 3 nodes in a ring to complete the vein

Click and Drag on a node to start the vein.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Definity something that we could look at in the future.

I forgot sprint was a thing until the final jump, but we got there in the end.

Good level design and the music / sounds really add to it.

Yeah theres quite a few bugs left, I just ran out of time in the end..

Thanks for playing

Never heard of it! Cheers for playing

Thanks for playing :) You can actually just go up to the back of the van to drop the kids off rather than needing to go in it.

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The Discord Server is here:

I liked the abstract world and having to match the sketches with the environment. The movement / platforming was fun to play.

Thanks for playing :)

You can't get more water unless its from the rain dance.
You'll need to save water by using less, this will generate less power - its a balancing game!

Thanks for playing. What bugs did you find?

Thank you for yourt kind words.

The icecream removes from your daily cash, then the daily cash is added to savings at the end of day.

Enjoyed the art style and the jokes.

I like the idea and close to the theme. Do the bells have closed captions if the game is muted?

Great controls when skiiing. 2.5D works well with the sticker sprites.

Interesting idea about two storylines that are interconnected for a platformer. Controls are a little difficult.

Loved the boat chase. Is it the same time travelling olive?

The lighting makes it quite difficult to navigate through the caves. The artwork and under the ice look great.

Great game. Well thought out levels with pleasing art and sound.

Sounds really helped sell the atmosphere. Good little challenge finding some of the objects.

I liked the 3d models of the skeletons, farmers and the buildings. The spells were a little hard to direct.

Great game, worth a go! Might be worth keeping the split paths a secret for the player to discover.

Did you run out of water?
You need water to make power ;)

It's a Scots Dialect called Doric

I dont think my controller has had such a good workout. 

Had a lot of fun playing. Got tense at sometimes. 

Think the controls could be tweaked a little, I wasnt sure how to pet the cat. 

Had a lot of fun in raft mode and the water shader was really good. 

100 - 200% integrity is for the upgrades ;)

Decisions in letters will affect the estimations

A little short but was quite fun to play. Art and music fit well with the game. 

Would be cool to see parts of the ship filling up with water so only certain sections are available as the diver once filled up.

Really liked the idea. Would make each playthrough quite different.

Some of the cards weren't working for me, but the cards I could use were super easy to use.

I would love to see it developed further.

Cutscenes were really cool and i was getting mega Doom vibes from the green laser.

Music was catchy and the game was fun to play.

Think I got through most of the levels up until the 4 platforms around the one hole. Then the game bugged :/

Jumping on the outsides of buildings was cool.

Two player local competitive is great to see as well as the level select. 

Last Donut jump on level 6 is a little tricky.

I couldn't get the difficulty slider to move? I'm guessing it would make the water move up quicker.

Nice water plop sound and the music fits well.

Animations are quite good. You can make them moonwalk ;)

Fun to play.