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Loved swinging about the line. Had a little difficulty reeling in.

Thanks for playing. Did you find any other colours?

Thanks for playing, yeah I recorded with a mike and for some reason the right channel was much quieter. I should have probs set as mono in Unity.

Loved the texture work and looks. How were you able to get the player character popping like that (pixelised)? Was it an unlit shader or something? I was able to get the player moving around, but the game stops at about the 2 minutes mark, is this expected or is there a bug?

Reminded me a lot of zombies -  unlocking areas and  new weapons.
How many shots do the giants take? I must've put 100 rounds in.

Got a bit too excited when the skulls started chaining. Love the title.

Didn't create the music but made the rest

Looks great on a handheld.
I think I'll need to get some practice in on the first one.

Downstairs or upstairs toilets? Maybe theres a crash when breaking the seal.

Loved the IK and sounds.

Interesting idea causing distractions to scare the people. I think the second scene is a little bugged but was able to see the final news paper in the end.

I'm afraid I had to read the instructions, but once I did was able to win.

Interesting concept and cool rendering effect.

Great game. Good progression in difficulty.  Polished.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. Was the crash webgl? I think the standalones might be a bit more stable.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Obrigado por jogar

Some of those clips are wild. 

Unique idea and just tricky enough.

Thanks for playing, if I do any updates, I'll try and get some in.

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Had fun playing this one. The sat nav lines are great. 

Would have been cool to get some voice acting / sassy robot voice to do the lines.

As soon as I loaded the game I was like:

Great art and sound. A few more sound effects for the powerups would've been great.

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Loved the branching paths and how your choices matter. I think I found at least 3 paths.
Clear easy controls, good UX.

Thanks for playing and getting in touch. The coloured boxes are actually buttons which would explain the mouse up issue. Perhaps this is something we could change in a future update :)

I have now added subtitles :)

You can only have one vein of a colour at any time. Redrawing a vein which has already been drawn, will remove the old vein. Hope this helps :)  

Great art and fun little game.

That dam cat. Had a lot of fun playing and liked the small details.

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Great Options menu. Had a lot of fun playing. Really enjoyed feeding people to the spider.

Great look and feel.

Great character models. Did feel quite tense at times when crouching.

Thanks for giving me the idea ;)

I also jumped at the first spider...

Thanks for getting back to me. The navigation sounds quite handy, I thought you had set the route manually.

I've been meaning to look at Godot for a while.

Yep I got the red targetting icon. What I mean was, rather than aiming at a person with the targeting icon, you need to guesstimate the direction to fire in. :) 

Got to the end :)

Fun experience, I liked how it automatically ran to the next spot. How did you achieve the running transition?

I found aiming a little hard as I didn't know where my mouse was.

Polished and quite fun :)

Loved the voice over 😄

You join nodes together with the veins.

You must connect at least 3 nodes in a ring to complete the vein

Click and Drag on a node to start the vein.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Definity something that we could look at in the future.