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A jam submission

Infiltrator [Game Jam Entry]View game page

Submitted by jeremysouthard — 3 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Infiltrator [Game Jam Entry]'s page

Did you create the artwork?

Did you create the sound?

Did you create the music?

How long did it take to make your game?

Six hours or less

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I enjoyed playing this, fun wee game. And well done on entering and submitting to your first game jam, look forward to you taking part in the next one!


Thanks! It was an enjoyable experience!


Fun experience, I liked how it automatically ran to the next spot. How did you achieve the running transition?

I found aiming a little hard as I didn't know where my mouse was.


Thanks for playing my entry! 

The movement was done using Godot's Navigation2D nodes combined with the tile map allowing navigation only across certain tiles. This worked out so I didn't have to care what path was taken, as long as there was a clear route.

The aiming is supposed to be a little difficult. Also, I ran out of time, so the enemies don't move towards the player and shoot...but...the player faces the mouse's location. The red targeting icon that spins with the player shows the direction the bullet will go. I noticed the animation for shooting doesn't always play correctly, but the red targeting icon always appears when holding down [C] and not behind cover. Was it not showing up for you?


Thanks for getting back to me. The navigation sounds quite handy, I thought you had set the route manually.

I've been meaning to look at Godot for a while.

Yep I got the red targetting icon. What I mean was, rather than aiming at a person with the targeting icon, you need to guesstimate the direction to fire in. :) 


> I thought you had set the route manually.
Nope, just set the waypoint.  I can put together a little tutorial if you're interested.

> What I mean was, rather than aiming at a person with the targeting icon, you need to guesstimate the direction to fire in. 
Yes, that's part of the challenge!


I selected "Six hours or less" for the last question, but I did go 12 minutes over to add the music.  You can mute the audio if you want the lesser experience.