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John Movie is a true renaissance man, and his doctors say that he has never expressed a non-objective thought in his entire lifetime. The only time he ever cracks if he hears anything bad about ponies.

Seriously though, thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to be adding more features to it in the future so stay tuned!

Yeah I kind of overlooked a sell feature during development, I can add that into the next patch if you like!

Thank you! I'm new to making my own 2D art so maybe once I'm more experienced, I can go back and remaster this! I'm honored that you think it might be good enough for steam one day.

Thank you so much! I worked very hard on this and I'm glad you like it!

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Oh, that doesn't sound good. I'll try and look into that issue for you! Thank you for playing!

can you explain by what you mean by the scenes didnt save? Did they not appear as you made them in the editor? If not i can try and fix this for you!

(Try going to your documents folder and looking for a moviejam folder, thats where the saved data is stored)

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I'm working on patching up the bugs to make sure this game has a higher replay-ability factor. I'll look into that issue for you.

The reason I made it hard to make a good movie first is because most first endeavors tend to be lackluster, and I wanted to mirror that in my game! I wanted the player to feel growth as they watched their reviews get higher and higher and eventually score that top position of 10/10 (which I haven't even achieved yet!) Thank you for playing!

This is due to each movie being like a level, you must turn a profit in order to pass to the next level!

An instant classic.

I was a little confused about how this game worked, but it looks really awesome!

A very well polished game! I enjoyed the narrative quite a lot.

Interesting concept, quite a long game for a 3 day jam!

Interesting to watch the devlog on this! I do think the game is perhaps a little repetitive though, maybe if there were obstacles you had to avoid too it would be more interesting!

I loved this hilarious little (puzzle?) game! It did run a little slow on the browser though, and the mouse sensitivity was very high.

I enjoyed the art-style and concept, maybe if there were waves of people instead of just an infinite stack, the game could have some salable difficulty. Good work!

The driving mechanic in this game is really solid, with a bit more time (and an end goal?) this could be a  solid game!

I wasn't able to get the game running at first because you renamed the EXE without renaming the Data folder, after correcting that I was greeted with a really fun top down shooter! I will say it's kind of annoying being shot at from off the screen though, the especially after the second checkpoint.

I really enjoyed this one! Although it was quite short winded, and the AI killed each-other off and never attacked me!

I liked the idea of mimicking the user's actual hand motion to move the hand, but there wasn't really much game-play. Interesting little game though!

I loved the concept for this one! The movement felt a bit rigid though, and the stationary backgrounds were a little nauseating, try some parallax effects maybe to give the illusion of depth a bit better.

I feel like this game could have used a little more polish and a tutorial, I found myself quite helpless until I figured out the controls. I did like the voice-over though!

For some reason the game ran in a small window for me, I'm not sure why. This felt a little rushed, and since it was the first game submitted for the jam, this makes sense. With a bit of polish a game like this could be really effective! 

I really enjoyed this one! I do think that a few ambient sound effects would have been beneficial to making it feel more  immersive, but other than that, a solid title!