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Simplistic, short and fun. I love it.

My dog pushed my player off the map leaving only the dog to stand at the door all alone.

Umm. My player just flew off the screen leaving only my dog standing alone at the door

Wow. That was amazing. This game felt so polished and the gameplay was so fun. The difficulty was a bit extreme though.

i love the simple one button controls, and the gam is fun to play. However, on my browser the audio glitched a lot.

I meant to type 2020. And also, no error messages at all.

The game was incredibly fun to play. I found moving the player while shooting your laser to be a bit challenging w/o a mouse, but it was still an amazing game.

It is the 202 Macbook Air.

Oops. I thought I had  fixed this bug.. You can get the player to move, if you keep moving the rock closest to the player, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of trail and error.

I loved the sound effects and the whole concept of being dragged around by a cat. he movement felt great after I got used to it, and it was an overall great game!

Unfortunately, the game will not load for me.

First of all, thank you for leaving a mac build. However, whenever I launched the game, i see a Godot Game engine screen, followed by a purple screen with a couple of rats shooting at a central structure. Then, after about 5 seconds, the game crashes.

Whoa. That was incredible for 48 hours. I loved the art and the music and just the game in general. My only complaint is that it could sometime be hard to tell which FLOW is the player and which FLOW was not.

I'm playing on a macbook air and for some reason, the game won't open.

Wow! This game is sooo great! I love the whole notebook theme that you had going on and the audio fit the game perfectly. I love this idea a lot! I hope you make it to the top 20 :D

It was a really cool concept, but I sorta didn't understand what to do and how to move the magical ooze. I was pretty confused.

I love the concept of the game. You can control the amount of enemies on the screen. I love the multitasking where you have to move the player and keep the enemies in control. Great game!

This game was really great. I really loved all the puzzles. It was very challenging!

It was very satisfying, but I barely put any effort when I was playing. 

I was kinda confused when I was playing, but it was a nice concept.

This was a really fun and interactive game! I really love the story, but it would have been better if you had some graphics and audio. You should definitely make a polished version of it.

I think this is a great game given the 48 hour time period. However, the very end was weird because I couldn't jump and move at the same time.

I really love this game. It is very original and super fun. I do wish that you would incorporate the theme better, but overall I really like it

This game had great graphics. However, I did not find it very fun to play.

I really loved the graphics of the game. The game was fun and challenging!!