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Thank you!

Pretty fun game, I really love the concept and it is well polished. However I don't know how well it fits the theme; perhaps the controls are confined. Overall it is a great game :D

Really fun game! The visuals and theme were awesome! The music was good but I wished that I was longer and a bit less repetitive. Great job :D

Awesome game Axolotl, I would've loved to have a little bit more indication that I was taking damage like a sound effect. I also found a bug where you would drop down the hole and nothing happened... not sure what happened but overall a pretty great game! 

Kinda creepy... It was definitely fun though :D

Fantastic game! I loved the sound effects and the music. The movement is snappy and the puzzles are fun! Awesome job! 

Awesome idea for a game! I really liked your interpretation of the theme with 'fake news'.

Thanks Mr. Squid! 

Pretty epic game Icoso! Two things though, I feel as if it gets too hard way too quickly and the camera shake is a little bit much. Overall though, it's a pretty fantastic game!

A really creative and unique submission, I could see this becoming the next OctoDad!

This was an awesome game to play! Awesome job everyone who worked on this!

I really quite liked it, you did an awesome job with this! 

I love the art style you went will and the music is very fitting! Overall, awesome job!

This game was quite a lot of fun! The random (I think) generation makes it so much more awesome!

I absolutely loved this game, it's such a smart and well build game!

Awesome sound effects and music and the gameplay is quite simple and fun!

I sure will do when I get a chance!

Thank you Seakernel! You're exactly right haha!

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Thanks Lord Mlekk!

Thanks DeeRagHoo, the scaling for the game seems to be different for everyone.

Thank you Appleman! It's a shame it didn't work.

Thank you very much J4cko!

That's odd, the full screen button show be next to the Unity Footer when it loads.

Thank you PyD3v

Thanks Appleman

Yeah that is quite unfortunate. I really do admire your dedication though!

It is truly amazing!

Thank you very much Zary! It's unfortunate that we were both busy

super cool! it has some really nice unique sounds!

sounds really cool! it's very relaxing

Thank you :D

food is delicious >:)

Thanks Markotonic! Those two places also got me xD

Thank you evapilot03 :D

Love the fact there's chiptune Get Lucky in the background :D

So much fun :D I knew those movies were an inspiration to someone 

High score: 1 171 200 points :D Fun game 

Hee Hooooooo

Thank you, I took like that feature :D

Wow that's a pretty fast time. Thank you :D