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Hey Crack I have a job opportunity if you want to take it, talk to @╠╦╩╗Maffin╔╩╦╣#7742 in the direct messages section in discord for further details

Hi, I made a booboo and the server no longer works (for me anyway) so you can leave it you want

Hi, Crack if you want to check out my discord (For further conversion) have a look: P.S. It's not complete just in development

Yeah, I actually had many problems mainly because I had much less time having only 3 days and I couldn't get animations to work properly so there is actually 3 other animations for crouching, running and jumping. The problem in the Canvas is also related to the time restraint as I didn't have enough time to play test it at all. I will fix most of these issues in my spare time but I'm doing the 140 WGJ. I'm going to work with a buddy making it so much easier and more enjoyable. I would happily play one of your games again if they had similar to Insultagram (Great Name By The Way).

As I said in my 4 Star review:

It's a great concept but I think you might need more answers of your own rather than versions of their sentences, now I'm not great a Unity but try getting followers for what specific words you say not sentences instead

This game is honestly horrible even in my opinion (The Creator of the Game) but it gave me skills so.

That's incredible, My highest score is only 1 million

You Need To Re-download It via itch but it will automatically update on Google Play

Hey Dani, For the Balls? Game you should make a direct download from itch. Just a tip

A game where you must collect cubes (Similar to the Roll A Ball Project on Unity) that explode. This version of the game currently has 5 levels including a boss to follow you around. This game is on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux Standalone): and on Android: The PC control are as follows: Use the Arrow Keys or the Keys WASD to move. The controls for the Android are one single joystick.

The 5th Level of the game

5th Level