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The Captain Moo

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very... umm... yes

He actually did nail the theme... Hehe

It's my game jam haha

Very... Interesting concept

I would too but I didn't submit anything :(

Very cool game Zary, I really like the mechanics and the visuals are pretty cool

This game looks awesome. I remember seeing this in Icoso's discord and it looked awesome then.

uh... cool

.... the 11th of April

I absolutely love this game great job. No bugs so far :D

I would run this glorious mess anyday

This is a pretty cool looking game. Nice job

oh yeahhhhhhh makes sense now

Job well done Sam

Awesome Idea Tauheed I love this game. P.S. 1-1 = 0 hehe i think...

(1 edit)

This is a really cool looking game. This would've taken me decades to build :), get it... cause it's a retro game...

Great game! Maybe you could add a high score. Love the art and music. It's a really impressive project for something made in 4 hours

... uhh thanks?

Hey, nice to meet you *wave*. It's good to know innersloth has a new member... we will be testing you... you have now been formally welcomed.

Cool Game My Dude... would you be able to friend me on discord please

I think you are doing a great job Innersloth crew, keep up the great work

That's a fantastic trailer. You have done a great job

I'm finally on my computer again, so I'd love to play it. :)

Sounds cool, I will play it when I get a chance. 👍

Maybe a bug, try it again and make sure you open the right area the .exe file

Nice job Crack

I will drink to that. And do what they people

Yep, right next to the Level Selector thing, there is a mode called Arena

This game is terrific, I would happily play this again. The levels were increasing in difficultly but still possible. Was polished and had a good length. I think you should make a sequel or make more levels because I loved it.

Fantastic Shader Effects, Great Job!

Oh, yeah and It's being renamed to Asterook.

TheDonutHead, I believe if you have a Mac you need to download the app before you can download anything

I don't think he will be able to, not unless he got a Mac and an IOS device to test on.

It will not come out on Steam, all you do is download the file, go into downloads, right click the file and select extract, go into the file you extracted and click on the app: Off The Balls (or whatever it is called).

No, It isn't. This actually lacks a lot of things compared to Balls, Balls is made in 6 days and Off The Balls in 12 hours, so no they are not the same game.

ShreksNostril, I believe if you have a Mac you need to download the app before you can download anything

Hey Crack I have a job opportunity if you want to take it, talk to @╠╦╩╗Maffin╔╩╦╣#7742 in the direct messages section in discord for further details

Hi, I made a booboo and the server no longer works (for me anyway) so you can leave it you want

Hi, Crack if you want to check out my discord (For further conversion) have a look: P.S. It's not complete just in development