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Wow! I played the browser version of this game. I could never do anything with the R pills in the red room, unfortunately, but the rest of the game before that was really high quality! The music was great, the art was excellent, and the writing was really, really great! The gameplay was pretty intuitive and the story concept was super neat. I wish I could have finished it, but it was really awesome. Congratulations! It's a fantastic piece of work. Thank you for sharing this awesome project with us!

I never knew about the original game, but I really liked the demo I tried today! Thank you so much for your hard work. The gameplay is fun, and it really shows that you put a lot of effort into it. 

Wowee~! This was really hilarious. I only got to the city stage because, at least on the windows version, the game glitched out and wouldn't stop making me walk forward. into a wall. I lost control of all movement keys. The amount I played was super fun, though. Excellent job. :)

Hey! I LOVE builders like this. The art is cute,  the music  adds to the game without being too repetitive or noisy, the tutorial is pretty good, and the descriptions make a lot of sense. I didn't understand how the Vivarium works. I was also playing the browser version, which would just freeze after less than 5 minutes of gameplay, but what I did see was really nice. How does the Vivarium work? I wish I could have played longer into it. But great work setting it up! This looks really solid. :)

Hi! Thanks for the reply. The bug about not viewing the contact list  was NOT A BUG! I didn't understand you could move up and down the contact list by clicking and dragging. I recommend you add instructions for that, or change it so that they can click on arrows to go up and down.  I tried using the mouse wheel and it did not move the contact list, too, but you haven't coded that in.

This was really fun for a game jam! I just wish it was easier to find good matches -  played again and I finally got 1 good match after 5 different playthroughs! Hooray! I hope I get to see more of your work in the future. The music and the art were especially fun, and I love trying to help people look for love!

Wow! That's so cool you're working on something else! I'll keep an eye out for your next project. I had a lot of fun. Thank you for all you do! :)

Hey man! This was such a cool game! I loved the music and the scenery. The smirking figure was a little cocky for such a relaxing game, but didn't take me out of it.  I really liked how much you had to pay attention to the actual recipe to get going! It was like an adventure game without all the annoying hopping from NPC to NPC to do a favor for them to trade for something else. The fact it was one recipe was also nice. I also LOVE COOKING and this was my JAM! Haha. I loved how you had to murder the cow with the knife  and fill the bucket with water, and I especially loved that you had to wait for the water to boil or the food to cook. Adding that in was a really nice touch!

I actually liked running back and forth to collect ingredients, but it got a little too much when I had to wash each mushroom individually at the well instead of using a water bucket. Why did you include that part of your gameplay? To me, that was the only place that got super aggravating.

I did have a couple of weird game elements. I added all my ingredients to the pot and nothing happened! Then I think I clicked Alt or Space, I can't remember which, and all ingredients popped out, but a bunch of them had a Boiled characteristic x 3! Why did you make that a thing? Unfortunately because of that I wasn't able to finish. Is there ending or something to tell you if you finished? I wish you could put everything in, go to your book, and click a button that says "complete the ramen!" and it can notify you with a warning if something is wrong. That and fixing that weird feature which lets the pot explode all the ingredients out and give them multiple "boiled" characteristics would help a lot hahaha.

I really enjoyed this concept, gameplay, music, art style, and the effort you put into this. Thank you so much for taking the time to work on something like this. I really wish you the best in all you do in the future!

Thank you for answering the questions! I'm excited to hear you're a group of students who are learning how to make great games. I really look forward to seeing your future work! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your games. I look forward to seeing more projects from you!

Ooh I didn't see your reply until just now. Thank you for replying! I really am happy you're still growing and learning as a game developer and I will keep watching you for more great work!  Best of luck in all you do!

This game is really cute! The pastel color design and the relaxing music gives me the impression that the game is going to be fun and relaxing and happy, which I love to see in a game! I love the idea of matchmaking as a concept. Learning about the clients is nice, and I like that I can look for new matches!

Bug?: Your contacts list doesn't seem to update when you get new clients. Is there a way to see more than 4 clients at a time? 

Gameplay: I didn't get a single good match out of 5 playthroughs. Because I lost so much, I'm not sure what the goal is. Could you tell me what it was? Because there is so little time to get to know clients, is the main goal of this game to learn as little as possible about the clients and match them up as quickly as you can? I was hoping this game was more about getting to know all the clients and really finding their perfect match. The deadline really defeats the purpose of taking the time to find a perfect match, though. What made you decide to make it so hard to learn about your clients? When you take a step back and think about the gameplay, what did you want the player to focus on? And did you accomplish that goal with what you built?

For me personally, I had a really hard time memorizing so much information about each person. It was hard to keep trying to find things that people matched with. Ideally. if you could build it, at the very least, it would be nice to be able to read two contacts at the same time so I can compare more easily. At the very best, I'd love to see a compatibility percentage indicator to see how easily they match, with green words being matches and red mean that they are incompatible.  Please take that suggestion with a grain of salt, though. I'm not sure what goal you really had in mind for the gameplay in the first place. If you wanted the player to have to constantly take notes to find the perfect match, then feel free to ignore my suggestion. 

All in all, you have a really sound foundation for a great game. I really look forward to seeing how this develops in the future. And I really hope you'll give us better hints for how to actually make a good match!! hahaha. Thanks so much. You rock. Thanks for all the time and effort you took to make this. I hope you have a great day!

This game was atmospheric in all the right ways. The music was  my favorite part! I loved the atmosphere and the setting. It was a fun and unique location- I especially enjoyed the little tidbits of info about the plantlife and the food in tents that I assume were inspired by food native to the Mongolian region?

I also loved the story. It was a simple one, but it kept me connected to the main character and kept me playing so I could see the ending. 

The Burg eagle was the most unique characteristic of this game, and it really stood out against most of the other games I've seen. I really liked being able to maneuver Burg around to see the landscape. 

The dialogue and combat text boxes were fun, but weird. Was there supposed to be a "back" button? I kept getting stuck in the combat screen where I accidentally selected the wrong enemy and couldn't go back. Was there a button I didn't know about I could have used?

The gameplay aka the wrestling combat felt easy and unchallenging (except for that giant snake! How do you kill him??) . I kept really wanting to see how much HP the enemies had so I could judge how strong my moves were - was there a reason you didn't add health bars? Did the special Stamina-using powers do different things other than have different flavor text? I couldn't tell what made them different when they hit the creatures other than one took 10 stamina and one took 8. I'd like to see visually what each one does differently, if they indeed do different things.

This was fun and engaging and got a lot done in such a small timeframe. I am incredibly happy I got to enjoy your work! Thank you so much for your efforts. I hope to see your future work!

Oh my god. I love the idea of this game. It feels fun to explore the map. It's kind of weird to say, but it was fun dealing with the frustration of your guys having to run back and forth constantly between wagons to gear up to try to grab resources before they moved on. Which is weird to say, because I was also frustrated half the time by the fact my guys couldn't move fast enough to grab the resources before they moved offscreen.

Gameplay: I felt that the main challenge in the game is running back and forth between resources and switching out the roles of your workers under a time crunch because the terrain moves fast and your workers aren't very quick. The concept was surprisingly frustratingly fun. I especially liked the random things you'd find on different tiles, such as food bushes and wells. Those "surprise" elements helped the game not be repetitive.

Areas for Improvement: Although I welcomed the frustration of moving your workers slowly across the map, the collision detection made the gameplay go from challenging to frustrating. I felt especially frustrated when workers constantly get stuck on wagons when I want them to move past the wagons to a resource. They also got stuck against each other and bump into each other until the resource is out of sight. This felt bad and the game changed from being challenging to being unfair. This was especially frustrating when hunting. The workers seem to not auto-attack animals, so you have to click each one and hope they don't get stuck on something. Nothing feels worse than a hunter getting stuck on a water wagon because the wolf is on the wagon's opposite side! 

Hunting was the second most frustrating feature because your hunters do not auto-attack animals. Since you have to select each hunter one by one then click on an animal to hunt, the animals move too fast for the user to click each thing separately. After the animal dies, you are then also frustrated by the fact you have to collect the meat for 4-5 trips while the screen moves away. This, combined with the collision problem, combined with the normal gameplay of switching the character to a hunter, combined with selecting one hunter at a time, was too much. I really recommend tweaking this mechanic, as I feel it could be very fun, but needs to also feel balanced and winnable. 

Bugs: If you hug the ocean water on the south side of the map, one of your horse wagons can get stuck and you can leave it behind, aka you can no longer change worker professions! Hunting animals can spawn on the water, and you can kill animals on the water, so you can never pick up the meat. If there are no other animals nearby, you die of starvation even if the animal meat is standing right in front of you.

Final Word: This game is my jam and it is super fun to play! Even if you don't update this to fix the collision problems, it was a real pleasure to play and I really like your style. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I hope to see more great things from you in the future!

Hey! I normally like text based adventures, but they always have trouble with obscure ways to complete puzzles, and the stories tend to be messy and nonsensical. You've showed them all what a great text game can be. I'm serious when I say this is probably the best one I've played, hands-down. The mystery of trying to figure out what each tenant is is intriguing, and the simple interaction makes this very fun. I found it unusual that you could change the description of things based on if you thought things were "pleasant" or "disturbing" etc...why did you make that a selection? I was sad I couldn't see both choice results sometimes, but it wasn't bad.

The final twist about what you were, too, was incredibly well done. I really liked helping al the tenants of the little house and I really hope to see more from you in the future! Really, really fantastic work!

Hey! This was really cool. The art was pretty neat - I loved the design of the healer at the beginning. The music was pretty spot-on too! I love card-based combat systems, so this was right up my alley!

I had a lot of trouble understanding the tag in/tag out system, and I didn't get the feedback I needed to make informed decisions about what I wanted to do next. The biggest problems that stuck out to me were that "Bandages" didn't seem to work if no one was "Tagged In" and I didn't understand why a "tagged out" character was dying and getting hurt, even if the "active" member should have been taking all the damage. Why did some of the bad guys get "0" damage? Was that because they were protected? What did "weak" and "bleed" actually do?

This is the start of a very fun system, and I really hope you continue to tweak it so it will be really fun to play in the future! Thank you for your hard work!

I am SO interested! This was such a cool submission! Thanks so much for being so responsive and for creating such an awesome game. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Wow! The atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed the music especially, and the pixel art was awesome! I love atmospheric games. And the story was really, really engaging and I wish the game could have lasted longer! I wanted to know more about the evil creatures and everything else about the world by the end! I hope you'll continue to grow and create even more amazing projects like this one. Super cool!

The one big thing that I'd like to point out is that the lighting was really, really aggravating, especially before you turn on emergency lights. In a way I love the atmosphere and using only the narrow beam of light to light your way, but there was something about it that really annoyed me. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it fully, but when you're playing a platformer and you can't tell what is pipe you can jump on and what is not, it gets really frustrating really fast. Maybe I'd love to see more contrast between the background and pipes/ledges you can jump on. The visibility was also really bad when it came to seeing the enemy creatures. They blended so well into the black background that it was hard to see where they were. This might have been intentional to make them more scary. I just think that what you thought you were doing creates the unintended consequence of making the game not as fun to play since you don't know where to shoot or jump next. That random little spot at the end after you fall back to the floor with the train that you're supposed to jump up into was really weirdly placed with no defining markers. I backtracked thru the whole tunnel once with no monsters to fight just so I could realize I was supposed to go up there. I wonder if there's a way to improve ease of gameplay thru improving visible interactable objects and still maintaining the creep-factor? 

That being said, the song at the end was awesome and I really, really liked this! One of my favorite submissions, actually. You did a rocking job and I'm gonna follow you to see what you crazy cats do next! Thank you so much for your hard work! :D

Hahaha. This was short and sweet and I really liked how good the ending was. I felt soooo bad for how I paid for the coffee but then it all made sense. :D 

Not much gameplay involved, but it wasn't needed. Short and fun and really well put together! Thanks so much for your awesome work!

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This was really cool! I very much enjoyed the idea of the music component and the humor of this. The design was really cool! I had a huuuuuuge amount of trouble with getting the tapes to line up, so I had to cheat the entire time to get to the end. I don't know if it matters to you, but here is why I gave up:  I  could understand that I needed to play one tape and then the other to fill the 3rd door.  I played each one individually to figure out that tape 1 needed to start at 7 and tape 2 needed to start at 1 to fill all those holes. What was REALLY confusing was the fact that the tapes don't start playing left to right - they follow that line that sweeps left to right after you've played one tape. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I need more of a tutorial to know how to figure out how this works. Or I need an "easy mode" where the notes are NOT added to the moving line sweeping left to right. Instead, the notes are always added left to right when you hit the play button. 

Then again, maybe I'm just bad at this. But it's just too dang hard, yo. And I really want to know if anyone else had as much trouble as I did!! 

PS - Thank you SO MUCH for the walkthrough. I couldn't have enjoyed the whole thing without it.

Thanks for all your hard work! I hope to see more of your works in the future!

Oh man, I love the idea behind it. I'm learning javascript on my own right now, so it was pretty funny. Still took me a long time to understand what the heck all the loop [walk right] things meant aka to AVOID what was in it. Haha I should have realized it would loop every time you tried that. 

The difficulty curve was too much for me, but I've never been good with platformers. I got stuck on the level with the three moving platforms. - Why doesn't your guy on top of a platform move with the platform? He just stays suspended on air - never seen that before in a platform game, and it feels weird. Is there any chance for when you die to NOT have to repeat the previous loops again, and just start on the one you died on? That was incredibly frustrating to me, and why I quit early. Yes, I can jump on the platforms in the first stage, but I need more practice jumping on them without hitting a on the 3rd!

It's a great concept, and I'm so glad you made it. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry I missed your message. YES! The color change worked amazingly! It's way easier to tell which is the right answer. Thanks so much for being so responsive and making such a fun game! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future! It was aweeesommmee! xD

Hi again! Wow, school is super important. It sounds like this game you were planning was going to be epic~! I hope your schooling goes well and you keep up your awesome and creative attitude! This looks amazing and I just wanted to say that I wished you the best of luck on future projects. I believe in you!

This was really cute! The music was great, the animation was great. It was a small game, so I didn't imagine there would be, but I found no bugs. I loved that I could feed and drink Loopita!

This game is supposed to be relaxing, but it didn't work for me. I kept trying to keep Loopita alive, until I realized that you basically have to kill her in order to progress the game. Do I have to kill her to progress? The end is amazing to look at, but does that mean she's dead? I don't like the fact that the drink and food bars are even there. They give you a false choice - one where the choice doesn't matter at all. I wonder why you added those food and water bars in the first place? 

An enjoyable experience. I hope to see more work from you in the future! Very cool. 

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Hey! I love card-based combat games in general, so I was super excited to try this one! I love that you fight with words not with swords. It is really funny seeing what things your character says! I'd love to see even more quotes by my little character as he gains more cards and levels up! I'd also have a lot of fun seeing the enemies say stuff too at the player to make things feel more fun and different with each enemy you fight! It'd provide a reason to keep moving  to the next level, and I'm sure some of the player quotes and enemy quotes could make funny shareable screenshots for players, which is always fun and a good way to improve sharing this across a larger spectrum of people.  I really love the artwork and the transitions/gameplay is snappy and quick! Very cool concept and I really like where you're going with this!

I'm going to share a few suggestions you might find helpful for the next update and/or project. Did you playtest this with many people? I find that this game lacks a lot of good balance, especially with how the monsters' damage becomes so high that your "shield" cards don't work and you don't have enough HP to continue. I could only progress to the snake level, where he has 5 HP, in about 5 times playing the game. It was especially frustrating that you can't replay a level, and you have to start over again. The second frustration was that you have no good means of gaining back HP, or even getting more HP as you defeat enemies. This might help balance out the large damage of the snake. 

What I find most curious is why you chose this as a card-based system? Card based provides a player with control to choose, but with a little bit of randomization to keep the game fun and different every time. Because you lose your entire hand each turn (and you can't choose to keep anything for later), this game takes too much control from the player. It becomes too random. Another factor that increases this randomization is that you gain more cards to add to your deck, so the random factor grows over time.  If it's too random, it doesn't feel fun anymore. I think a game that handles this deck system better is this one. Maybe it will help you gain more inspiration.

Finally, I also find the aggravation you can give enemies a curious idea that doesn't affect my gameplay at all because I can't see the numbers behind it. Why can't I see how aggravation increases on my cards? Why can't I see the enemy's cards when they play them, so I can start to recognize how hard they can hit and how much bonus to damage the aggravation does to it? Maybe 2 aggravation just adds 2 extra damage, I don't know, and I shouldn't have to do math as a player to get something basic like that right away. I really love this game and I need to see more of what happens behind the scenes to really enjoy the awesome combat you've put together!

I look forward to seeing your work in the future. Thank you so much for making such a fun game! I hope you continue to rock the socks off everyone in the future!

I didn't quite pick up all the debris, but I got the King Fish and it seemed like there was only repeatable things left. 

You guys did some really, really great work! The reeling in animation was amazeballs. The music was really nice and fun, especially the sound you use when you lose the fish. The pastel colors and design of the cute fish you find and the bird are really cute! I love the descriptions of the items you find too "Y'arrrr!" very funny. My absolutely favorite concept is the fact that the surroundings change when you reel in a new item. This by far was my favorite thing in the whole game. 

Since that was my favorite, you can probably guess what I'll suggest to improve upon your next project in the future! That concept of the environment changing with the items you reel in was by far the #1 thing that kept me playing as long as I did. For future projects, I'd recommend focusing your time even more on that. Ideally, if you have repeat items like you did here, I wish that each plank would slowly make a plank path, rather than them showing up all at once. It'd be really cool if you could see the fish you catch over time in your bucket (maybe the option to open it?). Maybe multiple tyres means you eventually pile up a tire fort that looks like a bird or something. Maybe multiple unicycles means you also fish out some duct tape and make a proper bike out of it. I think players really really enjoy seeing improvements over time, so I hope this gives you some inspiration for the future!

Other things I saw that could use some more improvement on your next projects: The kingfisher default pose when not walking is just his left arm sticking up in the air. That seems really awkward and probably needs to be down in a neutral position if you don't have time to animate. The arrow that helps you know where the bobber drops doesn't work - there is no line that indicates where the collision will actually occur. If the bobber lands on the tip, let it land on the tip. If it lands on the first orange rectangle, do that. This might be a problem with the way you handled it - Was the arrow 3D and so incline was a problem? Might have needed to switch to a simple flat red line that stretches over the water and isn't connected directly to the pole. Another frustration was landing your bobber perfectly on a black spot and then it immediately failing. You don't get a "fail" sound, either, it just disappears and you have to try again. Why does it suddenly disappear? Final frustrating thing is that if you send  your bobber out to a far away spot, sometimes as you start to real in you just get the "fail" sound and it disappears. I don't see a red rod line to indicate that you've been tugging on too hard. It's slightly pink and then you "fail." You might need to do more playtesting to get the right results you want for this kind of thing. 

Thank you so so much for putting in so much time and effort! This is probably one of my favorite submissions here on the website. It's relaxing and clever and made me smile.  Wonderful job. :)

Hey! Tried to play in a browser but the first thing I see when it loads the screen says "GAME OVER" and when I click I hear little hitting noises. Is there something I was supposed to do to get started?

Hi! This was so fun! I had a great time, until I got an error that there wasn't enough memory to continue. 

What I like about this is how fun it is to build yourself from the very bottom in a fun, mostly intuitive way! This game is my kind of game and I really, really had so much fun with it!!I would have played it until the end if I could.

In the future, here are some problems I noticed when playing. I hope they help you improve on your next project!

1. Old Man: After finishing all quests, you can still have buttons to ask him about those quests. You can even make multiple axes to sell at the store, which seems kinda weird.

2. Hunting doesn't give meat, which seems incredibly weird, since one of the cutcenes you get to eat the meat. If you do this, it would increase the value of hunting, since hunting itself is super low value, considering you only get one leather after 2 hours, that sells for 5 gold.

3. In the village, if you sell clothing sets or leather in the market, the option to sell them just says '1'. It won't tell you what you're actually selling in the menu. That's bad!

4. Village marketplace: You should be able to see how much items sell for before you sell them. This is very common sense for most games.

5. Jobs need to be reworked to a huge degree to make them fun. I couldn't test smithing job, but all the other jobs below it could never make enough money to justify doing a job. You could always, always make more money by selling wood than doing anything else in the game. That doesn't mean the wood needs nerfed. It means the jobs aren't fun. I'd like to see jobs that are different, not only in how much coins you get. Maybe the cooker is lower paying but you always get a free meal. Alternatively, you get a skill over time that lets you cook your own dishes and sell or gain more HP/Mood from eating mushrooms. Maybe the barkeep is lower paying but increases your mood since you get free drinks/time to chat with patrons. Carpenter could give you a building price decrease over time that lets you pay less for buying a house since you can buy a fixer upper and improve it yourself. Maybe Smith gives you a skill over time that lets you craft better axe/bows and can sell for more in the shop to make gathering sticks/wood worth it for crafting items. 

There's so much possibility here that I would love to see in your future projects!

Thank you so much for taking the time to build this and thank you for doing such a great job!! I look forward to your other works!

Very cool concept. I liked the atmosphere, the color palette, the art style, and some of the puzzle-like elements!  I had some trouble with the platforming, and I kept getting thrown off by the movement in 2 ways. 1: You can be jumping left and if you don't hold the left key long enough the character loses momentum and plunges straight down. The physics don't seem quite right. I kept thinking I could go farther than he actually would. 2: If I held down the left key while jumping left too long instead of sticking at all to the moving platform he kind of rolls off the edge, because I had to keep pressing the left key so I wouldn't plunge. 

On a side note, you can get stuck in an endless loop of reading the memorials if you're trying to pick up something next to the memorials with x at the same time....even if you pick it up, it'll register as reading the think. Kind of frustrating. Would probably feel better if there was a separate key for pickup versus read, or, alternatively, a way to cut off the memorial notes so you don't have to read it all the way through, then accidentally press x again while you're trying to skip past it fast and have to read the whole thing all over again. 

This was really great and I actually love this kind of thing. It was just enough story to keep me interested, and being so atmospheric with great music really keeps you wanting more. Platforming is a little frustrating, and I hope that with a few minor tweaks you have made a really great start!

Wow! I liked it. The color templates were great. The movement was a little sloshy, but doable. Sound was nice and simple. I liked where the story was going. Only problem I had was it went white and I couldn't finish the game. In 1987 after giving grandpa the item through the door, I go to the future and it is just plain white. Is that intentional or a bug? Was playing on browser.

OH man, I loved the song. I was so confused at the beginning because the "correct" entry has the guy shaking his head, so I thought I was getting it wrong the whole time.  Then I panicked and looked up the song. Then I still couldn't figure it out and then it clicked. Then I had to do something ELSE at the same time? When I finally figured out the very last piece I laughed really hard. And the music changes accordingly based on if you're about to get crunched versus if you're super close. I LOVE that. Reached a frustrating spot where I saw the last "key" for the door and couldn't pick it up until I gingerly picked up everything around it first. It's a bit pixel hunty. But other than that it was hilarious and laugh out loud funny. Thank you for making!

Fairly fun! I like the ending, and the little poem at the end made me happy. I didn't realize I was looking for a princess at the end! It took me longer than it should have to figure out the controls - you have to click the old guy and then the man and then the item on the right side to make the ladder to go higher or to make the boat. That could cause people to quit right away. I would like to see more ideas in obstacles/puzzles other than the 3:  bridge, ladder, boat at the end, because the last level doesn't feel more difficult. It just feels like repeating the last two levels.

The music was nice, the art was cute, and the content was nice. Thanks for making this! It's really cool.

Hey! Can you include the controls in the description? I can't figure out how to play!