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Hey! I normally like text based adventures, but they always have trouble with obscure ways to complete puzzles, and the stories tend to be messy and nonsensical. You've showed them all what a great text game can be. I'm serious when I say this is probably the best one I've played, hands-down. The mystery of trying to figure out what each tenant is is intriguing, and the simple interaction makes this very fun. I found it unusual that you could change the description of things based on if you thought things were "pleasant" or "disturbing" etc...why did you make that a selection? I was sad I couldn't see both choice results sometimes, but it wasn't bad.

The final twist about what you were, too, was incredibly well done. I really liked helping al the tenants of the little house and I really hope to see more from you in the future! Really, really fantastic work!

Hey there! Wow that is a really humbling comment, thank you so much! I'm over the moon that you had fun with it.

Doing the changes in perception was because I felt it gave the player a bit more control over the protagonist. I wanted to play with the idea that the player-as-protagonist isn't just in charge of how the character acts, but also how they see the world. Basically, a more "co-author" approach. I'm glad you noticed it, and thanks for the feedback about wanting to see both results. That helps me think about how to do this kind of thing in the future.

Hope you have a great day and thank you so much for playing.


Ooh I didn't see your reply until just now. Thank you for replying! I really am happy you're still growing and learning as a game developer and I will keep watching you for more great work!  Best of luck in all you do!