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Please contact Xbox customer support, I don't think we can help you with this unfortunately.

if you downloaded via GOG it should already have the update! Check the top-left corner during the text-based boot-up sequence, if it says v2.34 then you're good to go :)

Hey folks, FYI I've put in the request to Steam so whenever they reply with the keys, I'll upload 'em!

I've put in the request to Steam so whenever they reply with the keys, I'll upload 'em!

Sorry for the delay, we're getting this addressed as soon as possible.

Sorry friend, we'll get that fixed ASAP.

Yes! Hard to explain without spoilers... and there are no spoiler tags here :( 

I'm gonna ask some questions, you can use these as progressive hints:




1) Have you made it to the Freelands yet?




2) Have you found the secret island there?




3) Did you download the hacker tools application from the island?




4) Did you notice the Donate function?




5) Anything... interesting... you notice when you go to donate?




6) Maybe try donating a negative number!

Hooray! I'll get on making an official update to this version then, soon as I can, thank you :)

Hi there! If you're still struggling with resolution and performance issues, please try using NWJS 0.49.1, I have one person confirming it fixes the problem and does not cause additional issues (at least that they have noticed). Thank you for your patience!

Ah okay, well if that is the case then I'm not sure how else to help you here and I'm sorry :(

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The other player who tested in Fedora gave me a hint at what the issue might be - are you using the X or Wayland graphical display server?  I'm going to be honest I barely know what those are, but this person thinks that if you're using X that might be causing the issues with changing window size.

Looks like the resolution issue may be exclusive to Manjaro - I just tested this in Ubuntu and had another person test in Fedora, and no issues there.  Maybe you can try completely clearing it out and starting over, or maybe try NWJS v0.51.2?  You also might try an SDK version (for example: "nwjs-sdk-v0.52.0-linux-x64.tar").

Oh poo I didn't think to check resolution changes... there are a couple different ways to achieve that in NWJS, and iirc some have been/are being deprecated.  I'll have to poke around, thank you again for troubleshooting!

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Hey there, usually this is an issue with your graphics card.  Can you:

  1. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  2. If your graphics card software has "performance mode" or something, make sure that is enabled (or alternatively that "power-saving mode" is disabled)
  3. If you have two graphics cards (e.g. a laptop with an integrated card AND a discrete card for gaming) make sure the game is forced to run on the DISCRETE card, not the integrated one

Okay this appears to be an NWJS issue.  If you are feeling adventurous, could you help me out with trying the following on your computer and see if it fixes the problem.  I was able to reproduce it and fix it by doing the following:

The blacklist/blocklist problem can be solved by doing the following:

  1. Open the Hypnospace Outlaw install folder
  2. Open package.nw (it's a zip file in disguise, you don't have to unzip it)
  3. Edit the package.json file inside - you'll see "--ignore-gpu-blacklist", go ahead and replace it with "--ignore-gpu-blocklist"
  4. Save the .json file, go back to the .nw file and if it asks you to update the file because it has been modified in an external application, go ahead and click "Update" and then close the .nw file

The NWJS-specific issues may be solved like so:

  1. Download a newer version of NWJS (currently Hypnospace uses 0.49.0), I recommend trying 0.52.0 or 0.51.2:
    If you're trying 0.52.0, for example, you'd want to download this file "nwjs-v0.52.0-linux-x64.tar.gz"
  2. Open the Hypnospace install folder.  Delete everything EXCEPT FOR"
    1. package.nw
    2. the data folder
  3. Open the NWJS file you downloaded
  4. Copy over the following files/folders:
    1. swiftshader
    2. locales
    3. lib
    4. v8_context_snapshot.bin
    5. resources.pak
    6. nw_200_percent.pak
    7. nw_100_percent.pak
    8. nw
    9. nacl_helper_bootstrap
    10. nacl_helper
    11. icudtl.dat
  5. Rename "nw" to "HypnOS"
  6. In terminal, use the following command:
    chmod a+x HypnOS
  7. Try running ./HypnOS from terminal

With C-Robin the issue turned out to be that there were multiple controllers plugged in and the game got confused where input was coming from.  Try disconnecting all controllers other than the one you want to play with, including wireless and wired controllers (and dongles).  If it still does not work try removing all other USB devices and try again.  Please restart your Xbox and try again if any of the above does not work the first try :)


Thx so much, so glad you're enjoying <3

Are you familiar with the Windows Task Manager? If so, can you open up the Task Manager, and when you try to open the game do you see "NWJS" or "Hypnospace" pop up for even a second?

Ah! You're the second person to report this issue. I wonder what is in common with the two of you... can you email me at and we can try to figure it out from there?

Just to be super clear, the rest of Hypnospace appears to work fine, just the Outlaw "game-within-a-game" does not respond to button prompts?

Sorry for the late response, I missed this one... That's bizarre! Are you using a gamepad or do you have a keyboard plugged in? Any special system-wide settings we should know about (accessibility, etc)?

Good to hear!!

I realize it's 40 days after your post but I just wanted to let you know that the Soundtrack is up on Itch :)

Noted! I'll see if we can squeeze in a 'silent' option for Hypii in the next update :)

Hi there, we finally got the Linux versions updated! I'm not sure about precedence, but the bugs fixed for Steam users have now been fixed here :)

If I get 1000 wishlists on Steam, yes.

It's always so so good to hear when someone 'gets' your work, and this is no exception. Thank you so much <3

Hmm, to combat the rowing I'd try setting an upper limit on the touchpad/device, and when both thumbs are above that, level out the vine and have it move upward (maybe?). I dunno, it makes sense in my head, but you're the ones who've actually experimented with the controls so I trust ya :)

I'd love to see this with official Steam Controller touchpad support, i.e. the position of your thumbs on the pads are mapped directly to the vertical position of either side of the bar (with some additional smoothing obvs, since thumbs are not perfectly still) :)

Loved it, excellent work!