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Good to hear!!

I realize it's 40 days after your post but I just wanted to let you know that the Soundtrack is up on Itch :)

Noted! I'll see if we can squeeze in a 'silent' option for Hypii in the next update :)

Hi there, we finally got the Linux versions updated! I'm not sure about precedence, but the bugs fixed for Steam users have now been fixed here :)

If I get 1000 wishlists on Steam, yes.

It's always so so good to hear when someone 'gets' your work, and this is no exception. Thank you so much <3

Hmm, to combat the rowing I'd try setting an upper limit on the touchpad/device, and when both thumbs are above that, level out the vine and have it move upward (maybe?). I dunno, it makes sense in my head, but you're the ones who've actually experimented with the controls so I trust ya :)

I'd love to see this with official Steam Controller touchpad support, i.e. the position of your thumbs on the pads are mapped directly to the vertical position of either side of the bar (with some additional smoothing obvs, since thumbs are not perfectly still) :)

Loved it, excellent work!