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Hypnospace Outlaw

Alternate reality internet simulator set in 1999! · By Jay Tholen, TetroniMike

Video glitches and screen goes black during tutorial?

A topic by zerixanne created Jan 26, 2021 Views: 1,184 Replies: 1
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Hey there! I noticed a Steam message board talking about this same issue (or at least a very similar one), but it was from a year ago, so I'm assuming some specs from there are outdated.

The problem: The game opens fine. I can switch around settings and open the tutorial. From this point on the audio continues to work. The intro video with the woman's voice plays, but within the tutorial window there are green dotted lines and the rest is pixelated colors, with none of the actual video content coming through. Then once the video finishes playing (I think, at least), the entire screen goes black. If I switch to a different window and back again, then a little box with a face and x eyes shows up in the top left corner. 

Is there any fix, and alternatively, is the tutorial necessary to play/enjoy the game? I've heard very little about this game before now, and would prefer to keep it that way, as the premise and aesthetics look very interesting and I'd like to experience them in real-time. So I'm not 100% sure if this problem would occur with any other in-game videos, though I'm a little scared that might be the case. 

For some more context: I'm playing the game through XBox Gamepass on Windows 10. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who has ideas on how to fix!

Developer (1 edit)

Hey there, usually this is an issue with your graphics card.  Can you:

  1. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  2. If your graphics card software has "performance mode" or something, make sure that is enabled (or alternatively that "power-saving mode" is disabled)
  3. If you have two graphics cards (e.g. a laptop with an integrated card AND a discrete card for gaming) make sure the game is forced to run on the DISCRETE card, not the integrated one