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It's totally adorable if you can get past the physics issues! It's not unusual to get struck by a box and get thrown under the tracks or something like that. Otherwise, the overall theme and aesthetic of a silent film is nice.

It's pretty hard to catch the falling knives since they're barely on-screen for second! Most of the knives that I do catch are by chance. ;) I'll never know what happens when my target (which maps oddly to the mouse position) continues to shrink. I'm also not sure if there's an end to the game. (The song choice could have been something less well-known or licensed, but it could be understandable considering the use of the beat analyzer)

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Edit: we good now

It's pretty impressive to create an entire little level and some characters! You can cheese the boss by baiting it once and then swinging around behind it to attack it until it dies.

The little dialogue sections add a bit to the narrative.

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I gave up on making it past the second set of steps since I could never gauge the jump correctly. :( It'd be good to have the camera angled a bit more so I can gauge where I'll land. The environment is fun and joyful to roll around in.

It's a bit hard to figure out where all the buildings at first, but it's fun to run around and try to manage all of it. It can be challenging with the lack of feedback on the damage that buildings are taking as well as the damage that the enemies are taking from your train, but that can be overcome with enough play sessions.

Got some very comfy looking environment. The sounds are a little repetitive, but are a welcome addition. The game itself seems to play rather well, though I did get caught on an odd corner in one of the train cars.

The enemies are pretty easy to shred through, but the player gets caught on chairs a lot. :( The art that is there is adorable though!

much spook

is there a way to win

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its shmid

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its shmid