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Submitted by atoxiam

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How did your programmer contribute meaningfully to your project?
The programmer made all of the scripts in the entire project, Made the train drive forward, the player moving and able to jump, the player death, the gameover/restart screen, the platforms generating and deleting, the obsticles generating and deleting, made the sprites that the artist made work with the code, found and implmented sounds effects, made the physics work (and not). camera etc...

How did your artist contribute meaningfully to your project?
The artist made all the sprites, animations, the ground tiles, did most of the game design, helped find the music, and helped debug some of the problems the programmer was having with his code

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It's totally adorable if you can get past the physics issues! It's not unusual to get struck by a box and get thrown under the tracks or something like that. Otherwise, the overall theme and aesthetic of a silent film is nice.

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