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What's the Theme?


About the Battle for Train Jam

Students will create a game over the course of a single school day to demonstrate their jamming and cooperation abilities. This is to determine a sufficiently capable pair that we will feel confident in sending off on a train!

What's the Train Jam?

Train Jam is a 52-hour game jam spanning across the entirety of the journey from Chicago to San Francisco. A pre-jam social occurs on the night before as a warmup for social funtimes.

AIE Sponsorship for Students

We will be offering to send two students (one from Prog, one from an art track) to Chicago to participate in the trainjam. They’ll be provided with a trainjam pass, which grants them access to the trainjam as well as a GDC Expo Pass so that they may browse the expo hall and help present their game at the GDC Train Jam booth. We'll be then helping them ship themselves back up to Seattle. They will be accompanied by Terry Nguyen, a Programming Instructor.

The student will be responsible for lodging during that period of time.

Selection Competition Details

In order to avoid any pretenses of favoritism or unfairness, we opted to go with a mini-competition from which the team with the best game will be shipped to Chicago for the train jam. Students must sign up in pairs; this is because the mini-compo is intended bring out the best pair who will get along on such a trip.

What? Battle for Train Jam
When?  December 15th, 2017 from 9am to 6pm
Where? Seattle Campus of the AIE

Rules and Criteria

The games will be subjected to a blind playtest by a panel of individuals who will come to a consensus on their favorite game.


The games will be judged against the following criteria on a three-point scale.

  • Gameplay - the interactive and fun factor of the game
  • Theme - how well the game adheres or integrates the theme into its design
  • Originality - unique or creative aspects of the game that distinguish it from the rest
  • Polish - the care and finishing touches that make a game feel good to play
Rules and Guidelines
  • All external resources must be available to the public and free of charge.
  • Teams are required to use source control throughout the development of the project.
  • Teams are prohibited from obstructing the efforts of other teams by any means.

Questions and Contact Information

You can get in touch with Cami Smith <> or Terry Nguyen <> if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to express.

Image and Logo Credit

Town by Made by Made from the Noun Project

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Running game in a tron-like city.
Dash your way through a packed train to steal the most valuable crown of all time!
Mecha King swinging a train
Overthrow your Chieftain!
Walk your way through a haunted train, inhabited by those Lost in Transit.